Life is Feudal is a great game, but it deserve to seem overwhelming at first if girlfriend don't know what you're gaining into. I'm going to go over a few things that I believe would be beneficial for everyone just starting the game.

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Check a tree's quality before chopping it down. High high quality trees should have actually their sprouts harvest to replant them

Do not usage the "tunneling" choice for clay, rather use "lower ground". If "tunneling" is used, the blocks around the clay will be locked from terraforming

Do not placed fences or other built pieces under on peak of moved clay, copper, or other commodities due to the fact that it will block the removed of castle later

When looking for herbs, revolve off your grass distance within video options to make the newly found herbs appear much more easily on the screen

If a little herb is tough to select, organize down ideal click and also move about slowly. As soon as the herb highlights, let walk of the best click, this will automatically readjust the alternative to enable removal that the herb

Do no drop things in water, or you will certainly not be able to pick them ago up uneven the water is really shallow. This likewise applies if you dice in the water


Flux is a component necessary to do both mortar and steel. It calls for 60 Herbalism to be able to combine herbs- through a mortar and also pestle- the you have gathered through your Nature's Lore skill

Once you've developed enough flux, girlfriend can start to do mortar by combining it v rock and sand, or stole by combine it through iron ingots/bars/lumps

The most efficient way to do steel is to produce ingots(2 stole ingots + 12 flux). From over there you deserve to reheat the steel ingots and recycle castle down right into 5 bars or 40 lumps of steel. Using this method will save you fairly a bit of flux

Hardwood billets need to be supplied to do charcoal, so conserve your softwood billets/logs for various other uses

Rope is used in the building of countless objects, largely weaponry and also buildings. To make rope you will an initial need to raise her Procuration ability to 60. As soon as that level is acheived you are able take flax stems(flAx being different from flUx) the you have either gathered indigenous the ground, or planted and also harvested yourself, and place them right into a tanning tub for one hour. This produces flax fiber. Flax fiber is offered in conjunction with a turn wheel and weaver's toolkit to create hanks the linen, which are then provided to lastly make rope.

A tanning bathtub can just procure 10 flax stems at a time, so develop multiple demorphs tubs to create flax fiber quicker



When drying hides, separation stacks right into singles. Drying 2 hides in one rack will only get you one dried hide.

Quality matters. If you have actually a top quality ten item and also stack it through a quality 80 it will drop drastically. Things made with higher quality items last longer.


Digging tunnels bring away fricken' ages. Be patient. Also, uneven you acquire dirt/rock in your inventory each time - you're no actually digging, shot moving or targeting a various block.

Think ahead with regards to your skills, decide what the is you desire to accomplish and then look right into what you require to accomplish it (via the wiki, over there isn't the much assist in game). For example, if you desire to construct something as simple as a fence - you're walking to require to have the ability to create boards and nails - which involves a bunch of an abilities and a forge. This has caught me out a couple of times.

Terraforming is a lot easier than it looks, you simply need to take keep in mind of a few things. If you desire to flatten one area, begin by lowering or increasing the floor so the you have a couple of block of equal height surrounded through blocks additionally of equal elevation (e.g. 4x3) - then was standing on one of the main blocks and look in ~ the other central block and also 'Flatten ground'. Then, when you perform terraforming -> watch you'll watch the tile highlighted, meaning its flat. From then on, was standing on a flat block and also flatten the adjacent blocks and also you're good.

The animations in game give a lot of indication as to what is actually happening. For example, once flattening soil via terraforming you'll notification that raising ground has a quick animation, whereas lowering ground has actually a long computer animation - however when the soil is actually being flattened the animation is what in between. Save an eye on that and you won't should use 'observe' fairly so much.

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Sometimes as soon as you try gathering tree fibre etc, you'll get nothing. Just shot again a couple of times and you will gain something. No should go running approximately everywhere.


About a year ago /u/OddoTheHonest created a spreadsheet to help people type out your herb effects during Herbalism/Alchemy

Also, below is a graphed and zoomable version of the in video game map. Unfortunately I could not find a source to provide credit to for this

Most other details that i did not cover deserve to be found on the Life is Feudal wiki

Credit for many of what i covered here goes to /u/patriot_eke, who provided me the permission to compose this guide from his expertise of the game

If anybody has anything else they would prefer to add, you deserve to either leaving it in the comment or pm me directly. I'll edit the post and give you credit transaction for every little thing was added. Many thanks all and have fun playing!