QuestArea: MediahTypes: StoryLevel: 1First search in the chain: - The critical Prince the MediahPrevious quest in the chain: - Sarma Anin"s Letter the Reference
- The last Prince that Mediah
- Prince"s Escort - Sarma Anin"s Letter of reference - royal Insignia bring away by Shen
Start NPC: - Bareeds III
End NPC: - Bareeds III– Description:Bareeds III said Neruda Shen is the single owner that the imperial Insignia. He said the Insignia is what in Neruda Shen"s villa.

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Neruda Shen action suspiciously and also talks arrogantly.I don"t to trust him.He even stole the critical treasure of the royal Family.How dare he steal the royal Crest!Despite the King gift dead and the Royal family collapsed,as lengthy as I, Bareeds III, live, the Royal lineage will carry on!If anyone can return the Mediah royal Sealwhich Neruda Shen hides in his villa to its single owner,I promise to reward that human generously once I become the King.If you have the right to bring ago the imperial Seal native Neruda Shen"s villa,I promise to reward you once I end up being King.I promise.I will never ever forget this.
Target: Bareeds III- find the royal Seal at Neruda Shen"s Villa;Give the imperial Seal come Prince Bareeds III;Get knowledge:
- Mediah Royal family SealGive item:



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