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Morton Salt is made possible by an excellent people. And also we’re always looking for talented world to sign up with our team. It every starts here.

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Why job-related For Us

Morton Is synonymous With Salt, however Now us Stand because that Something Bigger, Bolder and also Brighter. Inspired By The top Morton Salt Girl and also The Desire to Do more In The World, We released Walk her Walk To do Positive affect In The World around Us. To Kick turn off The Campaign, Morton Collaborated with Ok walk To create A Music video Unlike any type of Other, “The One Moment.”

The culture here is flexible and also work/life balance is encouraged. Civilization are friendly and we learn about each other on a an individual level outside of work.

-David operations Analyst


My Windsor Salt task is head and shoulders above jobs I’ve had at various other companies. I job-related in countless capacities in ~ the mine and extensive operational and also safety maintain was listed for each position.

-Dario energy


La Société Canadienne de Sel Ltée (Windsor Salt) est l"un des to add importants employeurs de l"archipel des les-de-la Madeleine. L"enterprise s"implique beaucoup dans notre communauté autant au niveau culturel que social. Je suis fier de travailler to water une entreprise qui a un influence quotidien sur la vie des gens, de la table jusqu"aux routes.

-Joel health & safety Coordinator

Morton Salt is cursed to functioning with and providing reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation due to the fact that of a impairment for any part of the employment process, you re welcome send one e-mail to wgc2010.org
wgc2010.org.com or speak to (312) 807-2000 and let us recognize the nature of your request and your call information.

Morton Salt is an equal opportunity employer. Us evaluate default applicants there is no regard come race, color, religion, sex, sex-related orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, and also other legally defended characteristics. The EEO is the law poster is available here.

Morton Salt invites any kind of applicant and/or employee to testimonial the Company’s written Affirmative action Plan. This plan is obtainable for inspection upon inquiry by contacting Christina Ferris in ~ (312)807-2124.

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Morton Salt is committed to employee civil liberties under the Family and also Medical leaving Act. The FMLA poster is obtainable here.