A couple of years back, mine husband gave me a charming and eye-opening anniversary card. Top top the covering were small buttons creating the shape of a large heart. His blog post inside read: If I can give you one point in life, i would offer you the ability to view yourself v my eyes. Only then, would you see just how special you are to me. The idea that we each viewed \"me\" in different ways was no a new concept to me. It was however, a ethereal reminder the the fairly harsh variation of me that i often implemented upon myself. If i really can see myself v my husband\"s eyes, how different would points be?

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Years prior to this map was given, my husband and I were recently dating. Us were fresh, sparkling v love and also newness, and eager to learn much more and an ext about every other. And also we did discover so much around each other. However what was even much more surprising is exactly how much I began to learn about myself -- particularly the means I experienced myself.

We were on a Father\"s work outing through my husband\"s family. It to be a warm, however not also hot, June day at the Griffith Park abandoned zoo. We were carefree in hike the old forgotten cages, marveling at exactly how strange it was to check out this animal ghost town. Feeling adventurous, i climbed up the next of among the cages, and my husband (then boyfriend) take it a picture. He easily posted this snapshot to Facebook, and also I felt (as usual) a nagging advice to check the picture. To make certain that ns looked okay. To confirm and approve of exactly how I looked before it went the end to the world. I asked innocently (while gripped through fear), \"Can I watch the picture?\" my husband verified me, and also I instantly had actually a reaction the disgust. Cellulite! I could see cellulite ~ above the ago of my legs in this photo -- and now, the whole people could too. I was horrified.

Now, normally, I would let this type of situation define and ruin my whole day. I would obsess over the way I looked, and feel mediocre and distressed transparent the day. However on this day, mine husband observed my reaction and also said something to me that had actually an unexpected affect over the method I saw myself, and also the way I interpreted his feelings because that me. He to be a tiny irritated v me, and without filter, shared his thank you thoughts. \"This is what friend look like, and I love you.\" this were basic words; plain, and also uncomplicated. Yet they fight me so deeply, smacking sense into me and leaving me breathless.

Could this be true? This is what ns looked like. Untouched, exposed, raw, and eternally currently in this bad photo (cellulite and all), and also he love me anyway? This revelation type of rocked my world. I might be me, through my very own perceived flaws, and he would genuinely love me despite them. Perhaps he even loved me because of them.

Nearly 4 years and two kids later, I have actually learned to view myself with his eyes an ext and more each day. I feel sad because that the young girl the I used to it is in -- the one that failed to yes, really live because she to be so preoccupied with how the world saw her, with just how her human body looked, with how she feel in her own skin -- and I mourn for that big chunk of lost life.

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For the last four years, i have had actually my husband call me that I\"m beautiful at least once, if not number of times, every day. Not only do I believe this to it is in true much more and much more each time i hear it, but I additionally realize the beauty is therefore much an ext than what is top top the surface. It\"s the method my husband looks in ~ me, the method we laugh together, the house we developed together, the method our babies with up because that me to host them, the way our babies lean in come kiss every other, the method our babies clap because that me as soon as I complete singing a song.

I recognize that ns don\"t always do the ideal job of seeing myself v my husband\"s eyes. A tiny piece of that filter remains, the one that singles out little pieces of me rather of see the bigger, an ext beautiful picture.