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2006. 224p.A look at the close resemblance in between the creation andstructure of issue in both Dogon mythology and modern science. Revealsstriking similarities between Dogon symbols and those supplied in both theEgyptian and Hebrew religions. Displayed the parallels in between Dogonmythical narratives and scientific ideas from atomic theory to quantumtheory and also string theory. The Dogon human being of Mali, West Africa, arefamous because that their unique art and advanced cosmology. The Dogon s creationstory describes how the one true god, Amma, created all the matter of theuniverse. Interestingly, the myths the depict his an innovative efforts be affected by each other astriking same to the modern scientific meanings of matter,beginning v the atom and also continuing all the means to the vibratingthreads of wire theory. Furthermore, numerous of the Dogon words, symbols,and rituals used to describe the structure of matter are quite comparable tothose found in the myths of old Egypt and in the day-to-day rituals ofJudaism. For example, the modern scientific depiction of the informeduniverse as a black hole is the same to Amma s Egg the the Dogon and also theEgyptian Benben Stone. The scientific research of the Dogon provides a case-by-casecomparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings to matching scientificdefinitions and also diagrams native authors like Stephen Hawking and BrianGreene, then extends this analysis to the counterparts that these signs inboth the old Egyptian and Hebrew religions. What is ultimatelyrevealed is the clinical basis for the language the the Egyptianhieroglyphs, which to be deliberately encoded to prevent the expertise ofthese ideas from falling into the hands of all but the highest membersof the Egyptian priesthood. The science of the Dogon also offerscompelling new interpretations for countless of the most acquainted Egyptiansymbols, such together the pyramid and the scarab, and presents new explanationsfor the beginnings of religiously fee words such together Jehovah and also Satan. Seller perform # 535

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Title: The science of the Dogon: Decoding the ...

Publisher: inner Traditions

Publication Date: 2006

Binding: Soft Cover

Book Condition: New

Edition: first Edition

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