These ten Aragami room the hardest adversaries in God Eater: Resurrection. Learn exactly how to beat every single one that them.

There space 35 different types of Aragami in God Eater: Resurrection that you have to fight in order to accomplish all the missions. Several of them are fairly easy come beat, while others can really take it a toll fee on your patience.

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However, every it bring away is to discover a couple of simple rules before you will be able to defeat this insufferable creatures. This overview will give you some helpful tips on how to to win the top 10 hardest Aragami in God Eater: Resurrection.



Out of every flying Aragami in God Eater: Resurrection Zygote is most likely the hardest one. What renders it so hard is the complete absence of weak points, and when that joins an additional Aragami throughout battle, it becomes virtually unbeatable.

Here room a few tips you deserve to use to remove this stroked nerves Aragami:

Zygote is weak to Blaze/Freeze/Spark varieties of element damage.Melee weapons space usually an extremely effective against this Aragami, so usage the aerial combos and you will be able to decrease its health and wellness pool yes, really quickly.It is immune to magnificent damage, for this reason don’t bring bullets with magnificent attribute.Avoid its poison gasses and also use the opportunity to inflict most damage after Zygote drops to the ground.

Prithvi Mata


The freeze goddess the Aragami - Prithvi Mata supplies blocks of ice and cold air to strike your party. However it is no as daunting to beat as it may seem in the beginning.

Its weakest points are head and also tails, so once you watch it gaining enraged, attacking this two areas of the body would be the many effective means to death it.If you’re utilizing guns, climate bring in Sniper Rifle through Pierce/Assault bullets and also shoot the legs -- this will conveniently stagger the Aragami.Don’t allow it to run away once it’s low on health, otherwise it’ll gain back HP and also you will need to repeat the struggle over and also over again.



Here is another flying Aragami. Ithas some of the most damaging fire assaults in the game. When Sekhmet it s okay enraged that wings create a wall of fire that is extremely challenging to evade. Here’s just how you attend to it:

Since its main attribute is Blaze you must use the Freeze damage on both your melee weapons and guns.Sekhmet’s weakest points room head and wings. Girlfriend should additionally equip a decent shield the would safeguard you indigenous his fire attacks.It’s really daunting to kill it in the close combat, for this reason rely top top Sniper Rifle with bullets v Freeze damage.



This huge Aragami has actually too countless strengths and also too few weaknesses. Her tactics versus Amaterasu will differ considerably from the remainder of the bunch in this guide.

Since Amaterasu is resistant to practically every sort of damage in the video game you have only one way to deal any kind of sort of significant damage come it -- through hitting that is tentacles with any type of melee weapon that has actually Spark damage.This Aragami is an extremely aggressive, therefore you require to create a window that will enable you come attack it and deal damages by making use of stun grenades. However, the stun effect won’t last also long, for this reason be an extremely quick.



Tsukuyomi is a Deausphage Aragami, definition that its main elemental strength is either magnificent or Spark. This Aragami is particularly weak come Spark damage, and you should not underestimate that super powerful laser shots.

Forget around guns as soon as you hit Tsukuyomi, together they space barely useful. Melee weapons room a little better, but you still need to wait for it to assault before it opens up for any type of kind of damages from her side.Its weakest points space moon halo, hair and arms. The becomes specifically vulnerable ideal after that performs a spinning dance attack.



This butterfly-like Aragami is certainly one the the hardest to beat in the game. The is extremely mobile, has solid homing attacks and also emits an effective rays the light native its forehead that show its main source of damages -- Divine.

Sariel is almost always in the air, therefore using melee weapons would not be smart here.Sniper Rifle wouldn’t execute too much either due to the fact that it’s moving means too fast. So, your ideal shot at hitting Sariel is in ~ midrange v your attack or Blast guns.Aim in ~ head and also legs -- these room its weakest points.Wait because that it to do a light column attack, and also then shot to do a under on it.



Massive in size, this is very mobile tank-like Aragami the carries lots of armor and weapons top top board.

Quadriga, in spite of being heavily armored, is weak come Freeze and Divine damage whether coming from melee or guns.Its weakest allude is former armor and it is particularly vulnerable as soon as enraged.Look the end for the step back and adhering to after a rocket missile launch -- this is one of its the strongest attacks, so keep enough distance to have the ability to avoid it.



Ouroboros is a gigantic Aragami the is spanned with many octopus-like tentacles and red spider-like eyes. The emits a powerful laser beam, therefore it’s necessary to approach it just in a long range combat.

Melee weapons through Divine damage can execute well here, yet due to its large size and solid attacks this strategy is unadvisable. If you do choose to death it through your blades, then aim because that its legs.Use Sniper Rifle with divine bullets ~ above its eyes instead. This will offer you a necessary distance, and also if friend shoot that in the legs, it will even permit you to execute a under on it.Ouroboros go a strong 360 level spin attack the you should constantly watch out for.

Corrosive Hannibal


Hannibal is taken into consideration by numerous fans that the God Eater franchise to it is in the hardest Aragami of castle all. This is no surprising in ~ all since Hannibal moves and attacks practically like human.

You deserve to use both melee attacks and guns with magnificent bullets -- every one of them will be reasonably effective versus Hannibal.Try to target at that head since it is the weakest spot. Also, if you desire to carry out a under on it, then strike its legs with your blades.Hannibal becomes particularly vulnerable best after its twin fire breath attack or Firestorm attack.

Arda Nova


The good Arda Nova is a goddess-like Aragami the serves as the last boss of God Eater: Resurrection. This one is really tricky since it can be damaged only once it attacks.

You have the right to deal a significant amount that melee damage to Arda Nova when it it s okay enraged and also attacks. It have the right to be a bit difficult to execute in ~ first, yet with some exercise you will be able to do it.Arda Nova has actually no elemental resistances, so you deserve to use any species of bullets you desire in her guns.Beware the its shock attack, which is yes, really strong, and aim in the direction of its head -- that is the weakest spot.

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If you have the right to beat this ten Aragami, you can beat any others in the game. It will take some practice before you will have the ability to speedrun this battles, however when girlfriend get far better at it, you’ll be devouring each and every among them.