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August 2021 trade in Goods and Services

Deficit: $73.3 billion Exports: $213.7 exchange rate Imports: $287.0 Billion

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Trade Definitions

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Advanced technology Products (ATP)

About 500 of some 22,000 commodity classification codes supplied in reporting U.S. Merchandise trade are established as "advanced technology" codes and they satisfy the following criteria:

The password contains commodities whose an innovation is indigenous a recognized high technology field (e.g.), biotechnology). These commodities represent leading edge an innovation in that field. go back to top


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Commerce manage List (CCL)A perform of items discovered in complement No. 1 to component 774 that the EAR. Complement No. 2 to component 774 that the EAR includes the General modern technology and software application Notes relevant to entries had in the CCL.Commercial Loading DocumentA record that creates the regards to a contract in between a shipper and also a transportation company under which freight is to be moved in between points for a particular charge. That is usually all set by the shipper or the shipper"s agent or the carrier and also serves as a contract that carriage. Examples of commercial loading documents include the air waybill, s bill the lading, van bill and also rail bill of lading.Return to top


DistributorAn agent who sells straight for a supplier and also maintains an inventory of the supplier"s products.

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DunnageMaterials placed approximately cargo to avoid shifting or damages while in transit.Return to top


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All products physically lugged into the united States, including: (1) goods of foreign origin, and (2) goods of domestic origin returned to the United says without substantial revolution affecting a adjust in tariff classification under one applicable rule of origin.

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For a perform of member countries, see country Groupings

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Origin of activity (OM)

In 1985, a brand-new field indicating the state where the export journey begins, to be added. This field enabled the compilation the the State of beginning of motion Series. The OM collection based on origin state, easily accessible since 1987, offers export statistics based on the state native which the merchandise starts its journey to the harbor of export; that is, the data reflect the transportation beginning of exports.

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Proof of filing Citation

A notation placed on the invoice of lading, air waybill, export shipping instructions, or various other commercial loading document, usually for carrier use, that provides proof that the EEI has been filed and also accepted in the AES.

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Import quotas regulate the lot or volume that various assets that can be imported into the unified States throughout a specified duration of time. Quotas are established by legislation, Presidential Proclamations or executive, management Orders. Quotas space announced in specific legislation or may be detailed for in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule the the united States. (Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

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Routed fiddle transaction

A transaction in i m sorry the FPPI authorizes a U.S. Agent to facilitate export of items native the United says on its behalf and also prepare and paper the EEI.

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Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors:

The items data room a finish enumeration the documents collected by the U.S. Customs and also Border Protection and also are not subject to sampling errors; but they room subject come several varieties of nonsampling errors. High quality assurance steps are performed in ~ every stage of collection, processing and tabulation; yet the data space still subject to several varieties of nonsampling errors. The most significant of these encompass reporting errors, undocumented shipments, timeliness, data catch errors, and errors in the estimate of low-valued transactions:

reporting Errors: reporting errors room mistakes or omissions make by importers, exporters or their agents in their income or fiddle declarations. Most errors involve lacking or invalid commodity group codes and missing or incorrect amounts or shipping weights. They have a negligible impact on import, export and balance of trade statistics. However, castle can affect the comprehensive commodity statistics. Undocumented Shipments: commonwealth regulations call for importers, exporters or their agents come report every merchandise shipments above established exemption levels. The U. S. bureau has figured out that not all required papers are filed, an especially for exports. Timeliness and also Data record Errors: The U.S. Bureau catches import and export details from governmental documents and through assorted automated collection programs. Files may be lost, data might be mistakenly keyed, coded or recorded. Transactions may be included in a subsequent month"s statistics if got late. Surplus

When export values are higher than import worths for a provided time period.

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Transportation reference Number

A reservation number assigned by the transport to hold room on the carrier for cargo being shipped. It is the booking number for vessel shipments and also the master air waybill number for air shipments, the invoice of lading number because that rail shipments, and also the freight or pro bill for truck shipments.

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Written Authorization

An authorization, in writing, by the USPPI or FPPI stating the the agent has authority to act as the USPPI’s or FPPI’s true and lawful certified dealer for purposes of preparing and filing the EEI in accordance v the laws and also regulations of the joined States.

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Year-to-Date (YTD) or accumulation to Date

Data because that January the the present year through the current data month. Because that example, if merchandise profession data were simply released because that July, the YTD totals would certainly be because that the first seven months (January-July).