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(feat. Twista, Jamie Foxx)Are you gonna beSay the you"re gonna beOh oh Oh five Oh...She claimed she desires some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a tiny Anita, will definitely collection this party off right(Are girlfriend gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be, space you gonna be space you gonna be, fine well fine well well)She claimed she desire some prepared for the World, some brand-new Edition, part Minnie Ripperton, and definitely collection this party off right(Are you gonna be, room you gonna be, room you gonna be, are you gonna be space you gonna be, well well fine well well)I told she to drive over in your brand-new whipBring some friends you cool withImma bring da cool whipThen I want you to stripSee friend is my brand-new chickSo we get our grind onShe be grabbin, callin me Biggie choose Shine homeMan i swear she fine homesWhy she always lying thoughTellin me lock diamonds as soon as she know they rhinestonesShe gained a light skinned friend look prefer Michael JacksonGot a dark skinned friend look favor Michael JacksonI play "Ready because that the World" - she was ready for some actionMy dawg stated you aint no freak, for this reason you obtained to prove my man wrongI"m a pat this VandrossYou gon" take her pants offImma pat this Gladys KnightMe and you gon" obtain rightGot girlfriend lookin in ~ the gliss in ~ my hands and wristsWhile I"m layin back smokin on mine canibusWhen it come to rockin the rythm prefer Marvin and LutherI can tell girlfriend aint no messin v Kan-man and also TwistFrom the Chi and I beSippin HennessyPlay some R&BTryina smoke a BLookin properlyFeelin on a G?And constantly (Well well Well well Well)Come v me and sip on part Evelyn ChampagneYou aint know Twista can work it choose the WhispersHit the protect against light, gain into some IsaacThe rims still relocating so I"m bumping a small spinnersWhile I"mSmokin on a BDippin through the streetsBumpin R&BAnd I gained to leaveSomething to the 23"s?And I perform it (well well well well well)When my earth and also the wind acting a fireLet me when acquire your sheets wet listening to Keith SweatPut girlfriend in a daze for mazeFullfilling ours every temptation sluggish jamming having actually deep s**You ready for the human being girlCome ~ above over make me touch you everywhere your body baby don"t to speak no to average every minute you controllin" me I"m lovin the method you be holding me once I it is in listening come JodeciAnd as soon as I come over and bend your assYou it is in bumpin Teddy PendergrassI"da hit that from the back to the melody to roll it slowNow i gotta go up in that fast, yet imma end up lastNo matter how much of a thug girlfriend seeI tho spit it like it"s R&B, so to the club with meAnd through some Luther come on and also hope you finna and stilla be in love with meBaby drop one more slow jamAnd all us lovers need organize handsAnd if girlfriend aint obtained no male hop up in mine BroughamI store it pimpin favor an old manYou gots to roll v the plan"cause after that then ITake it to the domeThen I got to boneStay increase in the zoneGot to gain you homeGotta run up onAnd I execute it (well well well fine well)Baby drop an additional slow jamAnd all us lovers need hold handsAnd if girlfriend aint gained no guy hop increase on mine brohemI store it pimpin prefer an old manYou gots to roll v the plan"cause after that then ITake you to my homeAnd we could get it onDisconnect the phoneJust to obtain you goin"Tryina make you moanAnd I perform it (well well well fine well)