She death Monsters, composed by Qui Nguyentells the story the Agnes Evans after losing her mother, father, and also younger sister Tilly in a vehicle accident. While pack away her sister"s things, Agnes discovers a Dungeons and also Dragons project (or module) Tilly wrote. Agnes enlists Tilly"s old DnD friend to play through the module with her, to aid her much better get to recognize her sister and fight monsters within the game, if battling her an individual demons outside of it.

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Though the manuscript itself is an extremely funny, i knew I wanted to greatly contextualize the show roughly Agnes"s loss of Tilly together that"s something the is never lacking from she mind. Together a result, I made decision to architecture the show about a found object style, structure the set out of relocating boxes filled v Tilly"s old stuff and also assemble the DnD monsters, costumes, and also props out of household objects.

This permitted us come be an extremely playful with staging, props, and also sight gags of various sorts throughout the show. And also by taking something together mundane as cardboard and also making that exciting and also vibrant, we carried the audience ~ above the very same journey together Agnes:initially scoffing in ~ the silliness that the world of Dungeons and Dragons, but by the finish feeling totally invested.

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Agnes vs. The Tiamat (Agnes: Jessica Doherty, Lights: Derek Christiansen, Set: Ruby O"Brien, Costumes: Ellie Solomon & Amrit Singh, Photo: Edward Hansen)

The Tiamat

The biggest staging difficulty in the display was Agnes’s battle with the Tiamat, a 5 top dragon.

Throughout the show, Agnes is hung up on the truth that she never ever felt that she yes, really knew Tilly, blaming all the "stuff" that remained in the way between them, whether that was their period difference, Tilly"s obsession through DnD, or their distinction in personality. Ultimately, Agnes requirements to accept that the Tilly she knew was the only Tilly she"ll ever before get to know, she has to concerned terms with that before she can move on. Therefore, in my eye the Tiamat had actually to stand for the all of the ingredient that remained in the method between Agnes and also Tilly. Therefore what far better material to make it out of than the box filled to the brim through Tilly"s possessions?

I loved watching the Tiamat be revealed every night to the audience because it to be such a perfect moment where puppetry, storytelling, and also spectacle linked to no just develop something cool, but additionally incredibly systematic to the story and also Agnes"s emotional arc.

Watch the Tiamat expose in action:

Photo Gallery

Here space some selected production stills indigenous the show. Click any photo to view it enlarged. Every photos were taken by Edward Hansen. Production credits and cast are detailed below:

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Agnes: Jessica Doherty

Tilly: Christina Oti

Chuck/Narrator: Samuel Pirie

Lilith: Brittany Franke

Kaliope: Erin Sweeney

Orcus: Jay Kane

Miles/Monsters: Jacob Zorehkey

Vera/Evil Tina/Monsters: Ellen Murray

Farrah/Evil Gabbi/Monsters: Haven Schneider

Steve/Monsters: Talitha Barkow

Guitarist: Tristan Heinicke

Bassist: Spencer Lemann


Director: Jacob Surovsky

Written by: Qui Nguyen

Stage Manager: Andrew Hulin

Assistant phase Manager: Ben Wendel

Lighting Designer: Derek Christiansen

Sound Designer: Mia Glenn-Schuster

Composer: Tristan Heinicke

Scenic Designer: Ruby O"Brien

Costume Designer: Amrit Singh

Costume Supervisor: Ellie Solomon

Weapons Master/Technical Director: Robin Maegawa-Goeser

Fight Choreographer: Patrick Stayer

Dance Choreographer: Liam Blaize Maddox


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