15 reflects To clock If You chosen Orange Is The brand-new Black If you love the gritty drama and offbeat comedy that Orange is the brand-new Black, you have to love these similar shows and series.

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Orange is the new Black Cast
This previous summer, numerous fans stated goodbye to among the most renowned shows in Netflix history. Orange is the brand-new Black wrapped increase its seven-season run of 91 episodes on July 25, 2019. Those that loved the collection were sad to check out it go and were left v a void come fill. What could they probably watch next?

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Thankfully, we"re right now in what many think about to it is in the "Golden Age" that television. Over there is no shortage of an excellent shows the end there that can come to be a new favorite currently that Orange is the new Black has actually finished.

Updated on might 26th, through Matthew Wilkinson: when it has actually now been almost a year because this an excellent prison based collection came come an end, Orange is the brand-new Black has actually still continued to be popular. However, with so numerous other mirrors now accessible to people, over there is loads of contents that is approximately for pan of this collection to choose up on.

While they could not be specifically the same, there space subtle similarity from characters to the content itself the will have fans that this show having their requirements fulfilled. We"ve picked the end the 15 shows we think would job-related best based on the things that made Orange is the brand-new Black for this reason popular.


When Orange is the brand-new Black first started, it seemed prefer a present mostly centered about Piper Chapman. Together it progressed, the border became broader and the diverse inmates were every given an ext character depth to make this into an ensemble piece. Showtime"s hit Shameless is also about a big group of failure people.

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To be fair, Shameless has actually a much much less diversified actors than OITNB, with the emphasis primarily being on a greatly Caucasian family. However, what provides this similar to the Netflix jail show is just how the people associated get into criminal activities and must address the consequences of your sometimes damaging actions. That is the sort of gripping entertaining OITNB fans love.

The actors of Netflix's Hollywood superimposed against a shot indigenous the opening credits
while the tone and characters that Hollywood couldn"t be additional from those within Litchfield, over there are plenty of similarities in both shows. Even though there aren"t as numerous troubled characters with criminal pasts, instead focusing on the glitz and also glamour of old-school Hollywood, it touches on many comparable topics.

Hollywood focuses heavily on difficulties surrounding race, gender equality, and also homophobia, which are all topics that OITNB concentrates on heavily. Therefore while the civilizations are very different, it tackles the same subjects in a slightly different way.

OITNB is much from the only Netflix original series with an effective females top the charge. Over there is no more powerful woman on the streaming juggernaut 보다 the lead on Jessica Jones. Jessica is an intensified human through powers including super strength, supervisor speed, and also more.

Part the the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones ran for three periods on Netflix. Led by a masterful power from Krysten Ritter, this wasn"t your common superhero show. There was a darkness come Jessica and also it faced serious themes prefer alcoholism, rape, and drug addiction.

12 Arrested Development

lot like OITNB, Arrested Development is a comedy that brings together a lot of different personalities with differing personalities. While there isn"t quite as much emphasis on true emotionally drama in this show, there are still ethical lessons to it is in learned and also there is a genuine connection in between audience and character.

The display focuses on one family, of i m sorry several finish up in jail transparent the series due to mistakes the they made. If it"s a little more comedic than OITNB, its humor and delightfully offbeat personalities will tho entertain pan in a similar way.

Piper Chapman ended up in Litchfield jail for the function she play in a crime ring that gained busted. It took miscellaneous as basic as that to collection a long-running collection in motion. Now imagine if the present began before she acquired incarcerated. That"s type of the case with another Netflix series, Ozark.

Ozark tells the story of marry Byrde, a financial planner that gets captured up in the people of money laundering. He"s method out of his league and also that renders the show exciting. Byrde security the series with both the police and drug lords hot on his heels. Jason Bateman and Julia Garner both took house Emmy Awards in 2019 because that their mainly work.

10 far better Call Saul

Don"t be put off through the Breaking Bad links for this show, as this is actually a prequel come the hit collection and therefore anyone that hasn"t viewed Breaking Bad will certainly be absolutely good to just jump right into this one. Lot like OITNB, this collection focuses top top a character who breaks the law, however attempts come do an excellent in the end.

Saul Goodman do the efforts to it is in a great lawyer and also play the by the rules, but can"t assist breaking lock to acquire success and money. The vast bulk of Litchfield"s inmates aren"t bad people either, but do points for others the land castle in jail. The humor in this show is additionally fantastic, and also that is something OITNB fans will appreciate.

You"ll notification a tendency on this list wherein we figure fans of Orange is the brand-new Black will enjoy shows about big casts of different kinds the women. Orphan Black adheres to that concept, other than the actors is much smaller. That"s because Orphan Black is a show around clones who room all play by one cast member, Tatiana Maslany.

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This display grabs viewers instantly through a crazy hook and also keeps castle coming ago with plot twists. The genuine kicker is the work-related of Maslany. She more than earned she Emmy success by play five different main characters. That"s not including the smaller supporting functions she took on. Despite the women are identical, each has actually a unique personality and you have the right to tell that is who simply by city hall Maslany"s significant performance.

8 death Eve

Killing Eve is a lot more intense 보다 OITNB in tone and also plot, however, the has also grown a fixed following and also is a show all around female empowerment. That push to have strong female lead personalities is one of the big reasons OITNB ended up being so popular, and this series does it just as well.

It follows two incredibly expert women, one one MI6 operative and also the other an assassin, together their stays are linked together. This show has some great action and also some truly thrilling and also intense moments that everyone gets hooked by.

Though The l Word doesn"t deal with some that the heavy and intense drama you obtain in a prison, that does share some an essential similarities with OITNB. Because that one, that is an additional show that functions a huge cast that ladies. Because that another, and also this one is more important, that deals greatly with LGBTQ+ issues.

The together Word followed a team of friends that were mainly lesbian females in California. This groundbreaking show was one of the an initial to attribute LGBTQ+ personalities at the forefront. It to be met v widespread acclaim and also has left a lasting heritage in pop culture. To tie that closer into OITNB, there was as soon as an unaired spin-off centered in a mrs prison. Now is a good time to check out this show, as a sequel series titled The together Word: Generation Q is set to premiere in December 2019.

6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

much like Orange is the new Black, the core focus of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is top top the comedy. This series has a great cast the characters and also is incredibly consistent with being an extremely funny. The present will have audiences in stitches as they laugh along at the running gags, and it has come to be incredibly popular.

While it concentrates on the other side that the criminal world, complying with detectives quite than jail inmates, seeing the other side in a comedic method like this is something that OITNB fans will certainly enjoy. There are additionally some an extremely well created and solid LGBTQ+ personalities in this show, which is something that OITNB did extremely well.

~ everything The l Word go to lug LGBTQ+ personalities to prominence, shows like Sense8 can thrive. An additional Netflix original, Sense8 was about a team of eight strangers from roughly the world who found they were connected both emotionally and mentally. Like Orange is the brand-new Black, it dealt with topics such together politics, sexuality, and religion.

Sense8 to be loved by most critics and also fans during its brief run of 2 seasons. The Dorian Awards nominated the show for for LGBTQ TV display of the Year, and also audiences repeatedly praised the for just how it tackled the subject. When Sense8 was canceled, there to be an uproar native fans across social media and part of the reason was the loss of these beloved characters.

4 Jailbirds

As much as you enjoyed Orange is the new Black, possibly you"re searching for something a bit more realistic. If that"s the case, Jailbirds is the perfect show because that you. This Netflix documentary-style collection tells the true story of the ladies incarcerated in Sacramento county Jail.

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Jailbirds has actually been described as a real-life variation of Orange is the brand-new Black. Viewers find out what the women space in for, including robbery, assault, and sometimes murder. It"s not all grim, as the show likewise dives right into the everyday lives and relationships of the ladies.

Jenji Kohan has operated as a creator and also writer because that two effective shows. Her most famed is OITNB, but her first was Showtime"s Weeds ago in 2005. That display followed a widowed mommy of two who starts offering marijuana to support her family. She easily learns the she"s in over she head, but she goes more down the hare hole the crime together the present progresses.

It is trademark Jenji Kohan. If girlfriend love the mix of dire situations, extreme drama, and black comedy of OITNB, climate you"re certain to love Weeds. Most fans seem come agree the the last couple of seasons take it a emboldened in quality, however when Weeds was clicking, that was one of the finest shows on television.


if Jenji Kohan just created Weeds and Orange is the brand-new Black, she serves together an executive, management producer ~ above Netflix"s GLOW. This present is led by one ensemble group of solid women stuck with each other in an odd situation. Sound familiar? GLOW is much more upbeat, ensuing in the funny 1980s and the women room all component of a wrestling television program.

GLOW functions the sort of writing layout that fits best in with OITNB. There"s a most humor and also awkward moments. Each character is offered a lot of to work-related with, in a vulnerable balancing action that seems incredibly an overwhelming to pull off. They"ve dealt with sexual harassment, eating disorders, racism, stereotypes, and at the very least two characters struggling through coming out as openly gay. No issue what you"re spring for, GLOW has actually a little of everything.

over there is no way that someone can watch Wentworth and also not think about Orange is the brand-new Black. The is usually the Australian version of the Netflix series. It also followed a similar pattern in state of just how the display was laid out. Wentworth started with one woman together the key character before growing right into an ensemble piece.

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The core difference in between the two mirrors would probably be the tone. OITNB absolutely has had its same share of boring moments, yet there"s periodically a lightheartedness come it all. Wentworth is merely darker and grittier. It comes across feeling prefer a more realistic take on the prison experience.

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