I cannot tell whether my therapist is being supportive or whether he is encouraging an erotic transference. He has actually shelp points to me choose "It deserve to never before happen, yet its extremely rare for me to meet civilization that think prefer I carry out (referring to me)." and "I do not think I"m the just male out tbelow that would give anything to be with a girl favor you." Both of these comments were sassist in a whisper via an intense facial expression and also I could not tell whether it was calculated to be seductive or he was simply insuring that the comment “hit home”. On height of that he has made it clear that he thinks I am attractive (however stops brief of saying that this necessarily implies he is attracted to me). That "carry out anything to day a girl like you" comment was made in the context of a conversation wbelow I was talking around dating and having actually trouble meeting the right man that is additionally right into me, however also in that conversation my therapist went on to tell me that males my age (30) are searching for woguys who are in their early- mid twenties and that I should consider divorced men over 40 (guess which category he falls into). He"s also told me that I need to be searching for a shy, quiet guy and also guess what 2 words he generally offers to define himself? He talks a lot around the things we have in widespread, sufficient to offer me an impression of a man who has an excellent deal in prevalent via me, but why is that crucial for treatment????He blushes a lot, and he has actually flashes of bashful body language when we obtain also cshed to the transference topic. The few times I"ve tried to talk around it with him he obtained protective favor repeating that he’s not reasoning around me external of treatment once that had actually nothing to perform with what I was trying to talk about.I"ve heard of transference focused therapy, but that form of therapy normally urges a transference by being a empty slate not by talking about all the things you have actually in widespread through your client and also exactly how she need to consider dating someone like you. He states that his develop of treatment is ego-supportive and I will certainly say that he has done an excellent task of that. But he knows that I"m experiencing from a really powerful transference and it simply seems expect and not supportive at all. But the thing is my treatment has actually been going really well aside from the mega transference difficulty. My life is looking ridiculously much better than it did as soon as I began six months ago. Could all this just be resistance? I want to quit so negative because I feel favor he"s playing through me but I don"t want to derail a treatment that"s helping me get my life on track. It feels like being attracted and quartered. Do you have actually any endure via this form of therapy? Am I complete of myself in reasoning these comments are manipulative at ideal, and sexually charged at worst? Or is this the type of therapy I signed up for? I don’t want to quit if this all hregarding do through my concerns.Ben"s Answer:I think you"ve provided ample reasons to question the intentions of your therapist. Transference happens in all treatment relationships (once you construct feelings - both positive and also negative - towards your therapist as they begin to remind you of considerable world in your very own life -- parental fees, lovers, siblings...). This is an important part of therapy once the therapist uses this to help you end up being more conscious of your own unmindful requirements, desires and

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feelings. What is not talked about as much however, is that the therapist additionally creates some transference - dubbed Counter-Transference - towards their clients. This is a humale thing. Some clients might frustprice you, some might feel choose friends, some elicit the desire to go out of your method to take care of them... and also occasionally you might be attracted to a customer. This require not interfere with the treatment. There are all various colleges of believed when it pertains to functioning with transference/counter-transference in the treatment relationship. Some therapists are more tightly guarded about their own emotional attachments, and also also would certainly never before disclose any kind of individual things about their personal life. Others (more Existential-Humanistic in approach), might be much even more "authentic" and also hoswarm in order to foster a actual trust and also openness in the client. In your therapist"s situation, if your monitorings of him are specific, it sounds evident that he is attracted to you (unless your perceptions are really distorted). You can"t fault a therapist for blushing or having feelings, but a therapist have to not get defensive as soon as you face him. His statements to you sound pretty bold, and very leading. And I personally wouldn"t ever before tell a customer what type, or what age of man they must date. That might just be my style, yet I think many therapists would agree through me on this.One of the methods a therapist functions via his Counter-Transference is to usage it as essential indevelopment. If your client is boring you for instance, your can say, (kindly), "I"m sorry, but I"m having a difficult time being present with you now. Do you have a sense of why I might be feeling dislinked via you in this session? Let"s check out if we can figure this out..." So, client is rambling and also disconnectedfrom their feelings = therapist is bored. Therapist doesn"t blame the client, however rather uses his honest feelings (boredom) as an issue to comment on via the client, in order to make the client be more authentic, connected, conscious and current. The client may then start to realize that the factor they can not hang onto friends, is bereason they are disconnected from they are dislinked from their very own feelings.If a therapist is feeling solid sex-related attractivity to you, and also is clear in his boundaries, he need to wonder if the client isn"t doing somepoint (unconsciously) to elicit those feelings from him. If handled in the ideal way, that can cause an extremely deep, meaningful conversation that would aid the client in many type of methods, and also make the connection feel more powerful, safer, and also even more secure.Sometimes clients are seductive or flirtatious with a therapist and also don"t also realize it. A therapist can lose his experienced boundary in this situation if he"s not dealing with his very own feelings in the best way (like getting consultation or therapy himself)."Ego-Supportive therapy" is a basic term - frequently referring to more momentary, solution concentrated treatment that get"s less associated in the therapeutic transference. Most develops of therapy are "ego-supportive" in assorted methods. It"s simply a questions of what those specific ways are. Personally, I think you shouldn"t let him off the hook so easily. Confront him around what you are seeing, and trust your intuition. If he gets defensive, tries to blame you, or prevents the whole conversation, he"s no longer being a therapist - he"s being a man whose being faced by a womale he"s attracted to, and being inappropriate with. A therapist have the right to conveniently abusage the relationship ssuggest by the authority and position he holds via a vulnerable client.

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No therapist have to be "encouraging an erotic transference." Tright here is nopoint therapeutic or beneficial about doing that. Take Care,Ben Schwarcz, MFTSanta Rosa Psychotherapist

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