Although he isn’t among the total War: three Kingdoms heroes who is playable in ~ the start, over there are couple of characters who had actually as much affect on the era as Sima Yi. This extremely intelligent strategist didn’t emerge from obscurity until the latter stages of the period, but he involved dominate it within a few years. Together a general of the Kingdom of Wei that won plenty of victories and also became the nemesis the Zhuge Liang. Eventually, he would oust the Cao household from power, paving the way for his boy to overcome China, finish the 3 Kingdoms period, and establish the Jin dynasty!


Total War: three Kingdoms Heroes – Sima Yi

“Blessed with good intelligence native a young age,” says creative Assembly; “Sima Yi is among China’s greatest strategists. Loyal just to himself, that schemes and plots come outwit Zhuge Liang and also pave the means for his own household to usurp the throne and establish a brand-new dynasty.”

Of course, it have to come as no surprised that Sima Yi’s character class is Strategist. As a Strategist, that should have a very high cunning attribute. Although the won’t it is in a good warrior or duellist, his class does provide several an important benefits. They rise their army’s armed forces supplies, for example, and also get ready accessibility to ranged units and siege weapons. Plus, Strategists can unlock unit formations because that the devices under your command. Only among the playable faction leader is a Strategist; Kong Rong. However, there are several famous strategist characters, including, that course, Zhuge Liang himself.

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Sima Yi’s function and unique Abilities

Sima Yi walk not appear at the begin of total War: three Kingdoms. However, follow to an innovative Assembly, an event will happen in Cao Cao’s campaign which gives players the chance to recruit him. Looking at Sima Yi’s history, this occasion is likely to be based upon an account of exactly how Sima Yi came to join Cao Cao. Follow to this account, the general Cao Hong had heard the Sima Yi and, hope to recruitment him, sent out him an invite to meet. However, Sima Yi feigned disease in bespeak to avoid the meeting, walking v crutches to make the excuse more believable. As soon as Cao Hong reported the incident to Cao Cao and the warlord summoned Sima Yi himself, Sima Yi supposedly dropped his crutches in ~ once, prior to hurrying to the meeting. Afterwards he was appointed together an attendant to the crown prince, however he promptly climbed the ranks.


Four the Sima Yi’s abilities space revealed top top his character poster. The very first is silver- Eminence, together with the quote; “If you can not fight, defend. If you cannot defend, flee. If you can not flee, surrender. If you cannot surrender, die!” His various other three abilities, which will certainly be available on his upgrade ability tree, are:

Inspiring Surge: “Inspirational deeds spur forces to swifter action!”Whitewater: “This legendary presence gives enemies pause.”Wisdom the the River: “Knowledge that the enemy weakens their defences.”

Sima Yi, Nemesis of Zhuge Liang

Sima Yi was recruited by Cao Cao sometime before 215; twenty-five years after the start of full War: three Kingdoms. Together such, players might not intend to view him until in the direction of the mid-game stage, or also later. When he join Cao Cao, he quickly came to be important, an especially as an advisor and friend to Cao Cao’s son, Cao Pi. When Cao Cao died, it to be Sima Yi who managed his funeral arrangements, earning that the respect of countless state officials. At the stage, his friendship through Cao Pi payment off, together the brand-new King the Wei enfeoffed him together a Marquis and named him Chief Clerk.

For years, Sima Yi had actually urged Cao Cao come usurp the emperor and seize the throne, however Cao Cao had never done so. In 220, at the urging of Sima Yi and others, Cao Pi lastly did simply that. He finished the east Han dynasty and also declared self Emperor the Wei. Regrettably for the new emperor, he died just six years later, leaving the throne to his son, Cao Rui. Under his rule, Sima Yi became an ext active together a general. He defeated a Wu intrusion and also defeated the rebellion that Meng Da through an outstanding surprise attack. Thereafter, it remained in 231 that the Wei strategist finally met his eventual rival, Zhuge Liang, at the fight of mountain Qi.


Sima Yi’s disputes with Zhuge Liang and Cao Shuang

The forces of the 2 strategists battled several times at mountain Qi, and also again in ~ Wuzhang Plains. There, a standoff between the pair go on for over 100 days. However, this standoff concerned an finish with the fatality of Zhuge Liang complying with an illness. However, as soon as his military fled, Sima Yi initially believed it to be a trap, leading to a saying; “A dead Zhuge scares far a living Zhongda .” When he heard this saying, Sima Yi laughed. “I can predict the think of the living but I can’t guess the dead’s,” he said.

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By the moment of Cao Rui’s death and also the succession of Cao Fang, Sima Yi had come to be one the the most vital members of government. However, Cao Fang was not old sufficient to take it the throne. As such, Cao Shuang, a general, came to be regent. Shuang considerably disliked Sima Yi, and also swiftly started to piece him that power. He promoted him to grand Tutor, a position with tiny actual authority, while increase his very own grip on the government. By 248, both to be plotting versus the other. However, it to be the yonsei Sima Yi that would prove victorious in this matter. In ~ the event at Gaoping Tombs, Sima Yi staged a coup against Cao Shuang, leading to the arrest of Shuang and also many that his supporters. All of them to be executed. Complying with his suppression the Wang Ling’s rebellion, Sima Yi died in 251 of an illness.

Fourteen years later, Sima Yi’s grandson, Sima Yan, usurped the throne native Cao Huan. In doing so, he developed the Jin dynasty, and also with the final conquests of Wu and Shu, ended the three Kingdoms period. Sima Yan posthumously honoured his grandfather with the title, “Emperor Xuan the Jin.”