Starring: Dev Patel, Joel Edgerton, Barry Keoghan, Ralph Ineson, Alicia Vikander, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Sarita Choudhury, Erin Kellyman



Medieval fantasy adventure command by David Lowery based upon the Arthurian legend. The eco-friendly Knight (2021) complies with Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), King Arthur’s reckless and headstrong nephew, that embarks ~ above a daring quest to challenge the eponymous environment-friendly Knight (Ralph Ineson), a huge emerald-skinned stranger and also tester of men. Gawain contends v ghosts, giants, thieves, and schemers in what i do not care a deeper trip to define his character and prove his worth in the eyes of his family and kingdom by facing the ultimate challenger.

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Narrator: Look, view a civilization that holds much more wonders than any since the planet was born. And also of all that reigned o’er, none had renown choose the boy who pulled sword from stone. Yet this is not that king, no one is this his song. Allow me phone call you rather a brand-new tale. I’ll lay it under as I’ve heard that told. Its letter sent, its background pressed, of an adventure brave and bold. Forever set, in heart, in stone, favor all good myths the old.


Essel: Christ is born.Gawain: Christ is born, indeed.


Essel: girlfriend a article yet?Gawain: What?Essel: are you a knight yet?Gawain: no yet.Essel: far better hurry up!Gawain: I’ve got time. I’ve obtained lots the time.


King: whereby is her mother?Gawain: She was not feeling herself, my lord.King: then come. Sit here, besides us. As well as me and my queen.Gawain: that is not my place.King: No. Climate let the be, today. That is owner is away. That knows once he will certainly return?


King: an excellent to see you, Gawain. Good to have actually one’s household by one’s side. One’s blood.Gawain: Surely her knights have spilled sufficient blood in her name to tie them closer come you than I.King: True. But you space my sister’s boy, queefed from her womb. They are not.


King: ns look the end upon my friends below today and I watch songs no muse might ever song or dream of. But I turn to thee, and also I see what? i recognize, but I execute not understand thee. I say this not in reproach, but regret the I have never inquiry you to sit at my side before this day, or upon my knee once thy to be newborn. Yet now the is Christmas, and I wish to build bridges. So before we do merry, you make for me a gift. Girlfriend tell me a tale of yourself, so the I could know thee.Gawain: I have actually none to tell, King.Queen: Yet. You have actually none come tell yet.Gawain: Yet.


Queen: Look roughly you, young Gawain. What perform you see?Gawain: I watch legends.Queen: execute not take her place among them idly.


King: I give thanks to thee for breaking bread v me this blessed day. And also it is blessed, for the end my window this morn ns looked, and also I saw a land shame by her hands. You have lain those samehands upon ours Saxon brethren, who now in her shadow bow their heads prefer babes. Peace, tranquility you have lugged to her kingdom, so that is in peace that I now say come you that i am the luckiest here today, because I am among thee. I am amongst thee. So before we memory the bear of our Christ, let us honor among our very own who has actually done great things in His name. Therefore a tale, or a display perhaps. What have actually thee? Who have the right to regale me and also my queen with some myth, or canto the thine very own purport?


Green Knight: Oh, greatest Of Kings, indulge me in this trusted Christmas game. Allow whichever of her knights is boldest of blood and wildest the heart step forth, take up arms, and shot with honor to soil a blow versus me. Whomsoever nicks me candlestick lay case to this, my arm. It’s glory and riches shall be thine. However thy champ need to bind himself to this. Have to he land a blow, climate one year and also Yuletide hence, he should seek me the end yonder, come the environment-friendly Chapel six nights to the North. That shall discover me there, and also bend the knee, and also let me strike him in return. It is in it a scratch on the cheek, or a cut on the throat, I will return what was offered to me, and then in trust and friendship we shall part. Who, then, who is ready to communicate with me?


King: This challenge is thine own? despite my will certainly longs come leap across this table and meet thee, mine body will not follow. Surely over there is one amongst us here who will fulfill this items on his terms.Gawain: i will perform it. I will fulfill him. I will fulfill thee.King: You understand this challenge?Gawain: i do. Ns think i do.King: Remember, that is only a game.


Gawain: have at me, environment-friendly Knight.Gawain: make a move, or ns shall do mine.


Gawain: What is this? A trick? stand up and also face me! What execute you expect me come do?Queen: have courage.


Gawain: really well. An extremely well. Girlfriend laid down your challenge. I embraced it, and also I expropriate it still. Never ever forget what happened right here upon this Christmas Day!


Green Knight: One year hence.


Essel: What walk it feeling like? What walk it feeling like once you…Gawain: favor cutting a melon in two. Essel: and also what does that feel like?Gawain: like nothing.


Essel: were you afraid?Gawain: No.Essel: room you just saying that?Gawain: i am here, and also he is not.


Gawain: The king lent me his sword, go you know that? Essel: You held it?Gawain: Well, ns did an ext than hold it.Essel: Behold, Brave sir Gawain, chopper the heads, severer the melons, that cannot gain it up.


King: My tooth hurts. Another year nearly gone already. Have actually you believed what you will certainly do when Christmas comes?Gawain: to be it not just a game?King: Perhaps. Yet it is not complete.


Gawain: friend truly believe he’s sitting in a chapel, counting the hours, whiling far the yearwaiting because that me to come?King: Well, I carry out not know. You will tell me. You have to seek that out.Gawain: and also if fatality awaits me?King: Oh, I perform not recognize of any kind of man who has actually not marched up to greet death prior to his time.


Gawain: Why are you holding me to this light?King: Is that wrong to desire greatness for you?Gawain: I fear I to be not supposed for greatness.


Queen: may the Blessed Virgin save your 5 fingers strong, your 5 senses sharp. Might her 5 joys inspire you. The five wounds of she son provide you fervor. And also the five virtues the a article light your way. Store thy covenant, young Gawain.King: and also if God smiles ~ above thee, then hurry thee back. Thy chair besides us waits.


Essel: room you really going to go?Gawain: must I?Essel: I favor your head much better where that is.Gawain: I provided my word. Ns made a covenant. Essel: This is just how silly guys perish.Gawain: Or just how brave men become great.Essel: Why greatness? Why is goodness no enough?


Mother: take this now. Stay it about your waist together you go. And also if friend wear the still as soon as you return…Gawain: will certainly I return?Mother: as soon as you return, you will come through your head hosted high. Ns promise, you will not pertained to harm. And, boy, my boy, carry out not rubbish this.


Essel: carry out you still fancy me? perform I make you happy?Gawain: Yes.Essel: also though I’m here, and also you’re there?Gawain: Yes.


Essel: What will certainly you to speak if i asked friend to make me your lady?Gawain: A lady?Essel: your lady.Gawain: I could give you much more gold than any lady has.Essel: I already have her gold.


Essel: What if I want to sit by your side, and also take her hand, and have her ear? What will certainly you say come that?Essel: “Why, yes, Essel. I’d choose that really much. Friend may have actually my ear, and my hand, and heart. And also I will be king, and you mine queen. You’ll it is in my lady, and also I’ll be your man.”


Gawain: Why weren’t lock buried?Scavenger: all dead. All dead. Nobody to bury them. Though you know, nature will execute its trick. She’ll suck them in and tuck lock tight.


Scavenger: That’s a pretty axe girlfriend got. You execute some fighting v that axe?Gawain: Here and there.Scavenger: Here?Gawain: just there. Here, I’m simply passing through.Scavenger: come where?Gawain: i go North.Scavenger: North, oh! north is a direction, alright. Simply North?Gawain: to the environment-friendly Chapel.


Scavenger: are my directions not worth anything come you?Gawain: my thanks.Scavenger: i said, space my directions not worth anything to you? ns mean, a knight prefer you might spare a wretch choose me just a small, little act that kindness.Gawain: Here. A kindness.


Scavenger: whereby you turn off to? A knightly quest?Gawain: I’m not a knight.Scavenger: however you claimed you were.Gawain: I never said that. You said that. I never said i was a knight.Scavenger: yet are you?Gawain: No! No, I’m not.Scavenger: Oh. Well, you look prefer one.


Gawain: simply tell me then. Is there yes, really a chapel?Scavenger: You’re in it.


Scavenger: You remainder your bones, mine brave little knight. I’ll complete your pursuit for you. I’ll end up it good.


Winifred: Where space you going?Gawain: Home. I’m headed home.Winifred: and also you’ve lost your way?Gawain: Yes. Winifred: I’ve shed something together well. Will you help me discover it?


Gawain: What is the I’m looking for?Winifred: my head.Gawain: her head is on your neck, mine lady.Winifred: No. The is not. It might look favor it is, however it is not. That is in the spring.Gawain: Well, just how did it happen to gain there?Winifred: A lord came seeking shelter, prefer thee. Perhaps he to be thee. To be he?Gawain: No.Winifred: friend certain?Gawain: Yes.


Winifred: This lord sought to lay v me. I dealt with him off, however he went back in the night and broke under my door. Ns tried come flee, but he reduced off mine head. He threw the in the spring, and now, shot as i might, i cannot obtain at it.Gawain: my lady. My lady. Are you real, or are you a spirit?Winifred: What is the difference? I just need my head.Gawain: As will certainly I prior to the year is out.


Gawain: If i go in there and also find it, what would you offer me in exchange?Winifred: Why would certainly you asking me that? Why would certainly you ever before ask me that?


Winifred: now I deserve to see thee. And also I will strike thee down v every treatment I have actually for thee. The eco-friendly Knight is who you know.


The Lord: and here, friend, is your breakfast come replenish your strength. Surely, girlfriend will require it.Gawain: Why is that?The Lady: due to the fact that you space brave, sir Gawain, concerned face the green Knight. The Lord: I challenge say every table in this land has actually heard that you and sung her song. Teacher Gawain, the finest and also most building knight, search his destiny across these lands.Gawain: maybe you think that ns am something I’m not.The Lord: Such as what?


The Lord: You are at the end of her quest, Gawain. A small sooner than you expected, perhaps. But such is the case for us all. Below is what will certainly happen. On Christmas morn, we will certainly send girlfriend on your way. And also by nightfall, you will be at the doorway of your destiny. So remain a while. Rest. And also make you yourself content.


The Lady: certain a knight to know something of love.Gawain: i don’t.The Lady: Truly?


The Lord: Let us make a promise to every other. I hunt tomorrow, and the day after. Every little thing the forest offers me, ns will bring you residence the best. And you provide me in turn whatever you could receive here.Gawain: What could I receive right here that is not already yours?The Lord: that knows? This home is complete of weird things. However then again, I check out things all over that bear no logic.


The Lord: have you ever before seen a hawk death a horse? just swoop under and… It’s terrible. Every male should check out it at least once. However that is the world. And the human being is fit for all manner the mysteries. A man’s residence though, must be for sure from all that. One wall joined with another, line and also plumb. Good, solid walls, and a fire within.


The Lady: Why is the green, execute you think?Gawain: The knight?The Lady: Yes. To be he born that way?The Lord: perhaps it is the shade of his blood when he blushes.The Lady: but why green? Why no blue, or red?Gawain: because he is no of this earth.The Lady: yet green is the shade of earth, of life things, of life. Gawain: and of rot.The Lady: Yes. Yes.


The Lady: we deck our halls v it and dye our linens. However should it come creeping up the cobbles, we scrub the out, fast as us can. Once it blooms beneath our skin, us bleed it out. And when we, with each other all, uncover that our reach has actually exceeded ours grasp, we reduced it down, we stamp that out, we spread out ourselves atop it and also smother it beneath our bellies. However it come back. It does not dally, no one does the wait to plot or conspire. Traction it the end by the roots one day, and then next, over there it is, creeping in roughly the edges. Whilst we’re off looking for red, in comes green. Red is the shade of lust. Yet green is what lust leaves behind, in heart, in womb. Environment-friendly is what is left once ardor fades, as soon as passion dies, when we dice too.


The Lady: as soon as you go, her footprints will certainly fill with grass. Moss shall cover your tombstone, and as the sun rises, eco-friendly shall spread out over all, in all its shades and hues. This verdigris will certainly overtake her swords, and your coins, and also your battlements, and shot as friend might, all you host dear will certainly succumb to it. Her skin. Her bones. Your virtue.


The Lord: and also what carry out you hope to get from facing all of this hue? Gawain: Honor.The Lord: room you asking me?Gawain: No. Honor. The is why a knight go what that does. The Lord: and this is what friend want many in life? Gawain: To it is in a knight?The Lord: No, honor. You are not very an excellent with questions.


Gawain: it is component of the life ns want. The Lord: and also this is all it takes for that part to it is in had? You’ll carry out this one thing, girlfriend return home, a changed man, an honorable man? as with that?Gawain: Yes.The Lord: Oh, i wish I can see the brand-new you. However perhaps we will miss out on our old friend, and our fun, and also our games.


The Lady: Why did you not pertained to my chambers yesterday?Gawain: i couldn’t.The Lady: you couldn’t?Gawain: No, but…The Lady: however you wanted to.Gawain: Yes.The Lady: and also now?Gawain: I would that ns could, but…The Lady: But…Gawain: the isn’t right.The Lady: Isn’t right.Gawain: No.


The Lady: do you think in magic?Gawain: What?The Lady: In witchcraft. Carry out you think in it?Gawain: Yes. Ns do. That is all about us.


Gawain: whereby did you obtain that?The Lady: ns made it. There’s an charm sewn into its threads. Undertake it and also you will never be to win down.Gawain: by what?The Lady: through man, or spirit, or any kind of other implements. I promise, you will certainly not concerned harm, as long as it is around your waist.Gawain: perform you typical it?The Lady: Yes.


The Lady: You room no knight.


The Lord: Where are you going?Gawain: I need to make my appointment.The Lord: Oh, on your own, after ~ all? What of our game?Gawain: ns don’t desire your games, or her gifts, or her kindness.


The Lord: room you certain there is nothing you great to provide me? over there is something. Over there is something. And also I think I deserve to take the from you.Gawain: Unhand me and let united state go our ways.The Lord: very well. Really well.


Gawain: Why perform you avoid me? ns cannot tarry.Fox: Go the way, and your death is in ~ hand. Friend will find no mercy. No happy end.Gawain: What witchcraft is this?Fox: No witchcraft.


Fox: that you look for is as wild as I, however knows no measure.Gawain: I recognize what i face.Fox: If any kind of man important knew, he would bear his dead happily and turn away, head organized high, to finish his tune as he experienced fit. His mystery would be safe through me. Space you this man?Gawain: No.Fox: The spell about your waist claims otherwise.Gawain: This is simply a dirty rag.Fox: leaving it below then.Gawain: It to be a gift.Fox: No need for presents where you space headed.


Fox: Come. Come home. Come house with me.Gawain: I never asked for your agency anyway!


Green Knight: you came. Good sir, is that Christmas?Gawain: Yes.


Green Knight: carry out you recall whereby you reduced me?Gawain: ns do.Green Knight: and also have you concerned see that blow returned?Gawain: i have.Green Knight: climate kneel, and we shall finish our game.Gawain: Now?Green Knight: Aye.


Green Knight: Now, one strike as an excellent as friend gave. Sir, friend flinch.Gawain: i know. Ns know.Green Knight: walk I present signs of fear when our positions to be reversed?Gawain: I’m no so confident together thee.Green Knight: you have had actually a year to uncover courage. Gawain: One year, or a hundred, it wouldn’t do a difference. Give me a moment.


Green Knight: are you ready? are you ready?Gawain: Yes!Green Knight: Then ns shall obtain to hacking.Gawain: Wait! Wait! Is this yes, really all over there is? Is this…Green Knight: What else ought over there be?Gawain: No! No. I’m sorry. Ns cannot. I’m sorry.


Gawain: Wait. Wait. There. Currently I’m ready. I’m prepared now.

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Green Knight: well done, my brave knight. Now, off v your head.