What would certainly a game referred to as Sniper elite 3 be there is no a trophy or accomplishment for hitting lengthy Shots transparent its campaign? Luckily for every one of us, we don"t have actually to discover out, due to the fact that the developer at 505 games were kind sufficient to encompass that specific challenge. The course, similar to most collectibles or secrets uncovered in games, these methods aren"t always easy come find. V that in mind, enable us come act as your spotter and aid you acquire your target. As for the shooting itself, we have confidence in her abilities, yet you need to pull the trigger. As soon as you"re done, read about All Collectible map Locations.

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Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk

You can uncover this Sniper colony in the southeast edge of the map, not far from among your main objectives requiring you to damage the Nebelwerfers. Once you get close, the Sniper swarm will present up on her map. Rise up the ladder, enter the nest, then look come the east. You"ll view a single soldier stand on the balcony the a damaged building. Wait because that the sound of your shot to be masked, then take that down.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

As you do your method through this mission, you"ll obtain an optional target to disable the searchlight. This is the location of the Sniper colony where you will certainly take the only long Shot the Gaberoun needs to offer. Once you get in the nest, use your binoculars to look to the southeast, tagging a lone soldier who is high increase in a security tower. There aren"t any type of opportunities come mask the sound of your rifle, so do the shoot count.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

At one point during the mission, you will certainly come ~ above a high tower that has a speaker system next to it. When you"re close, you"ll be given an optional objective to disrupt communications. Rise to the peak of the tower and also enter the Sniper Nest. Use your binoculars to look to the west, tagging a lone soldier that is come the appropriate of your major objective. Wait for the sound the the speaker system to mask your shot and also kill your much away adversary to finish the long Shot.

Mission 4: fort Rifugio

When the mission begins, you"ll find a Sniper nest to the east of your beginning location. Enter this nest and take the end your binoculars. Look at high approximately a collection of windows to the north. Tags the soldier who is stand in the 3rd window indigenous the right, climate wait for the sound that the sabotaged generator come mask your shot. When he"s dead, you"ll be done through the only lengthy Shot that this mission.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

The Sniper nest you"re searching for is on the far north finish of the level. If you"re not certain where it is, go north and also then use your map. It must pop up. Rise up two sets the ladders to reach the nest, get in it and then look to the cliffs to the southeast. Take out the just soldier top top the cliffs to finish the shot.

Mission 6: Kasserine Pass

From your mission beginning point, pull up her map and also look in ~ the large mountain in the middle of the area. On peak of that hill is a Sniper Nest, and also that"s where you"re acquisition the long Shot from. Head that method and enter the nest, then usage your binoculars to tag a target high increase in the cliffs come the southeast. He must be about 240 meters away. Take him out to complete the mission"s only lengthy Shot.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

Head come the really far northeast end of the airfield, where you"ll notification a Sniper Nest marked on her map. Get in the nest, climate look come the south, much off into the desert and also up on a hill. Tag the just solder that"s increase there, climate take him out to finish this mission"s 600 meter plus lengthy Shot.

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Mission 8: Ratte Factory

Just after completing the an initial part of her objective to destroy the strength transformers on each level, enter the nearby Sniper Nest. It"s actually on the exact same level, simply to the southwest of the objective. Monitor the tunnel till you emerge on a cliff, climate look method up and also to the northeast. You"ll check out a lone soldier standing on the edge of the cliff. Kill him to finish the long Shot and unlock A shoot in the Dark, a trophy and achievement for completing every one of Sniper upstream 3"s long Shots.