explore our cute sloth bedding sets and imagine the marvels of a beautiful a sloth-themed bedroom. Every one of our sloth bed sets include a luxurious sloth duvet cover and two soft sloth pillows. Ours bedspread size include single bedding, twin bedding, dual bedding, queen bedding, and king bedding. This sloth comforters and pillow covers are perfect if you space shopping because that a child, yourself, or as a sloth gift for a friend.
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Sloth Bedding: Dreamer Sloth Bed Set

Experience a beautiful and also luxuriously comfortable Dreamer Sloth Bedding Set, and also you"ll recognize the power of true comfort and also sloth style. This cute sloth style is certain to impress and bring a fun and vibrant come the bedroom. Consists of one sloth duvet cover and two sloth pillow covers.

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 Sloth Bedding collection Features 

Features a single-sided full shade print top top luxurious brushed polyester fabric.Comforter, bed sheets and also pillow inserts are not included.Constructed with cozy yet lightweight premium materials that space soft come touch.Tie-down corners come ensure secure placement of comforter insert.Machine washable v cold water tenderness cycle and mild detergent.
Mammas Sloth Hooded blanket - Sherpa Fleece

constant price $79.95 sale price $54.95 save $25.00
SLOTH ceiling GIFT: MAMMAS HOODED BLANKETThis sloth hooded blanket v sherpa fleece is going to be a lifelong cozy addition to the civilization of any kind of sloth lover. The beautiful watercolor sloth design, coupled through the cute sloth fleece blanket product will make every one of your friend be questioning you wherein you gained the ceiling from. Sloth Hooded blanket Features Interior lining is made from an ultra-soft faux structure Sherpa towel for maximum warmth comfortThe design side functions a premium suede polyester publish for beautiful color vibrancy.The edges are embroidered through a handmade stitch for maximum durability and also a homemade feel."The beautiful design and also warm, fuzzy interior lining make for the softest blanket - it would certainly be the perfect sloth gift because that anyone!"

i have purchased sloth hooded ceiling for mine daughter and also she"s has actually been making use of it every solitary days love it

Bohemian Sloth Hooded ceiling - Sherpa Fleece

continual price $79.95 revenue price $54.95 save $25.00

Sloth Blanket Gift: Bohemian Hooded Blanket

This sloth hooded blanket with sherpa fleece is walking to it is in a lifelong cozy addition to the world of any sloth lover. The beautiful grey bohemian sloth design, coupled v the cute sloth fleece blanket material will make every one of your friends be asking you wherein you obtained the ceiling from. 

 Sloth Hooded blanket Features 

Interior lining is make from an ultra-soft faux wool Sherpa fabric for maximum warmth comfortThe architecture side attributes a premium suede polyester print for beautiful color vibrancy.The edges room embroidered v a handmade stitch because that maximum durability and also a homemade feel.

"The beautiful design and warm, fuzzy internal lining make for the softest ceiling - it would be the perfect sloth gift because that anyone!" 

Any sloth lover will love this, that pretty lot a cape, super soft and wicked comfy. You will not be disappointed!

Blissful Sloth throw Blanket - Suede Fleece

constant price $74.95 revenue price $44.95 conserve $30.00

This beautiful sloth litter blanket is referred to as "Blissful" since that is the aura we believe the sloth below represents. As a slow-moving, happy animal, some would say the sloth resides in the moment, blisfully, each and every day. We want the calming, water-color look at of this well-known sloth fleece ceiling to inspire you come live an remarkable life. This cozy product is certain to make her friends jealous, or do for a an excellent sloth gift!

 Sloth litter Blanket Features 

All sloth blankets are checked individually because that each order, and also created come the highest possible of top quality standards, experience a three-point inspection check before approval.

High high quality material and also coloring. Every sloth blanket attributes a premium fleece & polyester print for stunning shade vibrancy and also resolutionExtremely cozy and also comfortable. Cozy underside is built from one ultra-soft micro fleece fabric to keep you warm and also comfortable.Perfect for snuggling while the town hall TV ~ above the couch, relaxing ~ above a sofa, or analysis in bed.Easy come wash.

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 Machine washable with cold water tenderness cycle and also mild detergent.