1) Small an additional lymphoid organs, which cluster along lymphatic vessels, room termed ________.A) lymph folliclesB) lymph nodesC) lymphaticsD) lacteals
2) i beg your pardon of the adhering to would no be classified together a lymphoid organ?A) Peyer"s job of the intestineB) pancreasC) spleenD) tonsils
3) i m sorry of the adhering to statements about the thymus is FALSE?A) It has follicles similar to those in the spleen.B) the does not straight fight antigens.C) It attributes strictly in T lymphocyte maturation.D) that is stroma consists of epithelial tissue.

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4) Lymph move involves every one of the following other than ________.A) lymph capillary minivalve actionB) milking activity of energetic muscle fibersC) thorax pressure alters during breathingD) smooth muscle convulsion in the lymph capillary walls
5) The thymus is most energetic during ________.A) childhoodB) fetal developmentC) middle ageD) old age
6) i m sorry of the adhering to is no a part of the lymphatic system?A) lymph nodesB) lymphC) lymphatic vesselsD) erythrocytes
7) Antibodies that act versus a particular foreign substance are released through ________.A) lymph nodesB) plasma cellsC) T lymphocytesD) medullary cords
8) Lymph pipeline a lymph node via ________.A) afferent lymphatic vesselsB) efferent lymphatic vesselsC) the cortical sinusD) the subcapsular sinus
9) i m sorry cells space the main "warriors" the the immune system?A) basophilsB) macrophagesC) lymphocytesD) monocytes
10) as soon as the lymphatic structures of a limb room blocked because of tumors, the an outcome is ________.A) enhanced pressure in the lymphatics proximal in the limb to the blockageB) abnormally high lymph drainage from the distal regionC) shrinkage of organization distal in the limb to the blockage because of inadequate distribution of lymphD) major localized edema distal come the blockage of the limb
11) choose the correct statement around lymph transport.A) Under regular conditions, lymph vessels are very high-pressure conduits.B) Lymph transport is only essential when illness reasons tissue swelling.C) Lymph transport is much faster than that arising in veins.D) Lymph transport relies on the activity of nearby tissues, such together skeletal muscles.
12) select the correct statement around lymphocytes.A) The 2 main varieties are T cells and macrophages.B) T cells room the precursors of B cells.C) T cells space the only kind of lymphocyte discovered in lymphoid tissue.D) B cells create plasma cells, which secrete antibodies into the blood.

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13) select the correct statement about lymphoid tissue.A) Lymphoid macrophages secrete antibodies right into the blood.B) T lymphocytes plot by ingesting international substances.C) once a lymphocyte beginning the lymphoid tissue, it resides there permanently.D) Lymphoid tissue is primarily reticular connective tissue.
14) Lymphoid tissue that shows up as a ede of the mucosa in the dental cavity is called a(n) ________.A) Peyer"s patchB) thymusC) tonsilD) appendix
15) i m sorry of the adhering to does no contain a mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue?A) appendixB) tonsilC) Peyer"s patchD) thymus
16) Peyer"s spot are found in the distal portion of the ________.A) big intestineB) stomachC) tiny intestineD) esophagus
17) Lymphatic capillaries are present in ________.A) cradle organsB) CNSC) bones and also teethD) bone marrow
18) What is a bubo?A) a lobe the the spleenB) one infected Peyer"s patchC) one infected lymph nodeD) a wall in a lymph node
19) The thymus is the just lymphoid organ that does no ________.A) straight fight antigensB) have lymphocytesC) have actually a cortex and medullaD) create hormones
20) Mucosa-associated lymphoid organization include every one of the following except ________.A) palatine tonsilsB) islets of LangerhansC) lingual tonsilsD) Peyer"s patches
21) which of the following is no a method that maintains lymph flow?A) bones muscle contractionB) breathingC) capillary smooth muscle contractionD) valves in lymph ship walls
22) The tonsils situated at the base of the tongue room the ________.A) pharyngeal tonsilsB) Peyer"s tonsilsC) palatine tonsilsD) lingual tonsils
23) i m sorry of the adhering to is no a normal component of lymph?A) plasma proteinsB) red blood cellsC) waterD) ions