Compare Solar vs. Lunar Eclipse

Identify the reason of a solar eclipse and compare through a lunar eclipse.

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Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Objective: Explain the place of the sun, earth and moon throughout a solar eclipse.MatchCard: Downfill below.
Astronomy MatchCard 5 covers the lunar eclipse. Astronomy MatchCard 5 defines a solar eclipse.Solar Eclipse


In a SOLAR ECLIPSE, the moon comes between the sunlight and also the Earth. The shadow of the moon reasons the solar eclipse. Depending on wbelow a perchild lives on the earth, they might check out a partial eclipse or a total eclipse. See below for even more indevelopment on forms of solar eclipses.Lunar Eclipse


With a LUNAR ECLIPSE, the Earth comes between the sun and also the moon. The light of the sun cannot reflect the moon because it is in the shadow of the Planet. See the lunar eclipse worksheet at Astronomy MatchCard #4.Memory AidHaving trouble remembering which is which (solar or lunar?) The eclipse is called after whichever before celestial body is blocked by the shadow. Solar eclipse - you can"t see the sunlight. Lunar eclipse- you can"t view the moon. Your memory loss has simply been eclipsed!

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Find Out About the Solar Eclipse

Demonstprice a Solar Eclipse

Have the student(s) confront a blank wall. Standing behind the them, shine a flashlight on the wall. Exordinary that the light represents the light from the sunlight, and also the wall is the Earth"s surconfront.Use a little sphere on a string and move it slowly across the light, as much from the light resource as you deserve to reach. This is the moon. If you have a paddle round set via the round on a string, the round will make a great moon. Otherwise, you can improvise by taping yarn, string, or tooth floss to any type of little round. The students will certainly alert when the "moon" casts a shadow on the Planet. Ask what human being on the Earth"s surconfront would check out during a solar eclipse.Use a second demonstration to better solidify their knowledge of the location of the three celestial bodies durng a solar eclipse. Using a globe, version of the Planet, and small round for a moon, position the objects so that the moon is between the Planet and sun.

Compare With Lunar Eclipse

If you previously did the tasks for the lunar eclipse, refer to them now. (See the attach above under "lunar eclipse.") With the lunar eclipse, the Earth was in between the sun and also moon and prevents the moon from mirroring the sun"s light.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse MatchCards

Show the MatchCards for both kinds of eclipses (Astronomy MatchCards #4 and also #5.) We will certainly learn more around the two kinds of the solar eclipse quickly. Have them allude to the diagram and also reiteprice the position of the moon and Planet in comparison to the sun for both lunar and also solar eclipses.

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Paper Plate Game

Make paper plate (or construction paper) models of the sunlight, Planet, and moon. As you contact out "Lunar Eclipse" or "Solar Eclipse", they need to easily move their pieces right into the correct positions.You have the right to likewise play this game via two or three youngsters. One perkid is the sunlight, one the moon, and also one the Earth. (With just two children, a huge light might recurrent the sun.) As "lunar" or "solar" are referred to as out, they should arvariety themselves effectively.

Total or Partial Eclipse

A large flashlight or overhead light via numerous bulbs deserve to show the difference between a partial and also complete eclipse.The shadows actors by such a light will certainly have actually a darker, clearer center; as well as a fuzzier, lighter perimeter. Due to the fact that the light is huge sufficient and also coming from more than one angle, it casts the inner and also outer shadow.Those in the darkest shadow experience a total eclipse. In the lighter, external shadow, a partial eclipse occurs.

Internet Activity

Use the internet to find photos of partial and full eclipses. Also uncover as soon as the next projected eclipse will certainly be. What component of the Earth will be impacted.


Everyone have to be warned of the risks of looking at a solar eclipse through the bare eye which deserve to damage the retina.

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