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Tough, friend think you've obtained the stuffYou're informing me and also anyoneYou're difficult enoughYou don't have to put up a fightYou don't have to always be rightLet me take several of the punchesFor you tonightListen to me nowI should let friend knowYou don't need to go that aloneAnd it's you as soon as I look at in the mirrorAnd it's you when I don't choose up the phoneSometimes you can't do it on her ownWe fight all the timeYou and also I, that's alrightWe're the very same soulI don't need, i don't should hear friend sayThat if us weren't so alikeYou'd like me a whole lot more
Listen to me nowI should let you knowYou don't have to go that aloneAnd it's you once I look in the mirrorAnd it's you when I don't choose up the phoneSometimes girlfriend can't do it on your ownI know that we don't talkI'm noble of that allCan - girlfriend - listen - me - as soon as - ns -Sing, you're the reason I singYou're the reason why the opera is in meWell, hey nowStill I've gained to let you knowA home doesn't do a homeDon't leaving me here aloneAnd it's you once I look in the mirrorAnd it's you that renders it hard to permit goSometimes friend can't do it on your own
Sometimes friend can't make itBest you can do is to fake itSometimes friend can't make it on your own
“Sometimes friend Can’t do It on her Own” is the 3rd song on the album How come Dismantle an atomic Bomb. It to be released together the album’s 2nd single.

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It was written by Bono in tribute come his dying father, and also display the connection that he and his dad had. It has actually motifs that familial strife, pride, love, and kinship.

The item starts out with ticking, like that that a clock that continues to be throughout the item right till the an extremely end. Soon after the adds an acoustic guitar and also bass. It progressively picks increase in the chorus, dropping the acoustic guitar for an electric riff.

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