Son of bitch to water me a drink

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NATHANIEL RATELIFF - S.O.B.And nobody's gonna give a damn!!! son of a bitch, offer me a drink. One an ext night. This can't it is in me. Kid of a bitch. If ns can't acquire clean I'm gonna drink mine life...
Nathaniel Rateliff - S.O.B. come 'S.O.B.' by Nathaniel Rateliff: son of a bitch provide me a drink One more night This can't be me child of a bitch If ns can't acquire clean I'm gonna drink my.
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B. Aug 17, 2015 ... Bitch provide me a drink One much more night This can't it is in me boy of a bitch If ns can't obtain clean I'm gonna drink my life away now for seventeen years...
NATHANIEL RATELIFF and THE NIGHT SWEATS - S.O.B. Wgc2010.orgSon the a bitch. Offer me a drink (just) One more night. This can't it is in me. Son of a bitch. If ns can't acquire clean. I'm gonna drink my life away. Currently for seventeen years...
2PAC - Pour
the end A tiny to "Pour out A little Liquor" track by 2PAC: yeah Pour the end a small liquor for your homies nigga This one ... Mama told me, "Son there'll be days prefer this"
Bad rabbit - soybean beans Peor translation in English 14 Ene 2017 ... By poor Bunny. Salí jodido la última vez que en alguien yo confié Me compré una forty y a Cupido se la va... ... If before I to be a child of bitch I'm worse now. Now I'm worse ... This particular day we drink, today we party. Being great and...
COLT FORD - Waffle to "Waffle House" track by COLT FORD: watch me and my ole lady us been fightin a bunch. And also I aint ... Done dubbed my boy's son and told him lug my gun. I'm tryin to ... I recognize the waitress and the cook and they dont treatment if we drink. I'm simply ... Thinkin around goin put a cartridge in that bitch. Maybe I ... Boy pour me a beer.
CHRIS BROWN - Till ns DieMore drink, to water it up. Much more weed, roll it ... Stop hoggin' the dull bitch, slow down. Pimps up, hoes ... And also me, Sean and Wiz gained this bitch jumping. Ah! ultimately got...
KANYE WEST - all DayIf friend run into me, far better have Allstate v you, uh ... Pour some Hen the end for mine niggas the died, all day, nigga ... Only means I can sum the up, son of a bitch
QUE - too Much... Main bitch and my side bitch mad in ~ me I could give 2 fucks Bout to to water me up part Easter Pink. ... And also I don't also drink lean, however a nigga sippin' 2 cups
NICKI MINAJ - OnlyMy girlfriend would certainly beat a bitch up if she waved. They gambling ... Ain't thinkin' 'bout your son and also daughter rooms ... To please pour me a drink and also celebrate with me
CHIEF KEEF - hate Being SoberFredo was drinking, ain't claimed I want molly water ... Ya know us, us smoke strong boy, watch me roll up ... Let my alcoholic bitch hit the dutch, she start choking
FUTURE - Codeine come "Codeine Crazy" track by FUTURE: Codeine crazy, yeah Pour that bubbly, pour the bubbly Pour the bubbly, pour that bubbly to water that. ... Take all my problems and drink the end the bottle and also fuck top top a model, yes ... Looking at me prefer a triple threat, everytime a nigga talk a inspect ... I simply took a bitch come eat at Chipotle
LIL' WAYNE - watch My ShoesI'm goin in, Gudda why they started me, Marley why they started me, I'll lug you to the former door like you notified me, earlier in this bitch but a lot much more rich,
DJ KHALED - How countless come "How numerous Times" song by DJ KHALED: to water a cup for the bitches that ain't scared to gain down ... Light one more for the bitch who's simply only in town for the weekend ... You've to be drinking and also drinking, you're drinking because that fun. And you drink because that a reason. Yeah leave your boyfriend and call me when you're leaving
DRAKE - Shot for Me come "Shot for Me" track by DRAKE: I can see that in your eyes: you're ... Bitch I'm the guy ... I might tell the you to be crying all night, drinking all summer
away The pain (Situations) come "Drink far The pains (Situations)" track by MOBB DEEP: Yeah, around to get my thug top top The 41st next of points I used to be in love v this bitch n... ... Son caught me stressed the end I just be that. However when ... To water a little on the floor son
MAC LETHAL - Woodchip GrinderSing my songs all together with me) A-a-a-a a little ... You don't like what friend hear once my lungs pour ink? then why you looking at me favor I drugged your drink? following time ... Choose up mine own mother calling me a child of a bitch, shit. Pissed.
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - I got A Story to TellThe bitch main though, penis harder 보다 a missile yo. Shot to hit it if ... Yo, the bitch press a double-oh ... She screams out, "Honey carry me increase somethin come drink!"
YOUNG THUG - King TroupI assumed I seen a ghost due to the fact that your son look favor you fool. King Troup ... Hop out v a negative bitch. Mine faculty ... I pour up a four and also got more. I'm cold as the ... I need me a actual one, I need commitment, wherein ya at? Action
YUNG kris - Racks (Remix)Make me litter my diamonds up, bitch mine life was difficult knock. Had so much kush and also ... I'ma smoke, mine weed and also I'ma drink, my liquor. Much better make, sure you...
ASAP ROCKY - Pussy, Money, WeedAnd my bitch white, but my dick black. Violet drink, gained that. Tell this hoes every to twerk somethin' Bounce ~ above me, bitch, pains somethin' Tell she pop that pussy...
RICH corridor - FlavaI'm gon pour the out choose Moet and she understand that she the bomb, nigga, Lotus ay. And the bitch, ya know they fuckin and they suckin. When they obtain inside the bed v me and also Mayo and also she fuckin' if ns ... Can't drink it, I'm a dive in it. Acquired a ride...
2PAC - exactly how Long will certainly They Mourn Me
?Bitch, don't wanna die, then don't fuck v me. It's kinda ... Y'all don't hear me though, I'm tryin' tough to do amends ... For now, let me pour out part brew
Young Dolph - Fuck it If i let your bitch come give me head then that bitch lucky. I'm drinking dirty, I'm riding dirty ... To water up till ns can't drink no more, count document until ns can't no more
BIG SEAN - OutroNow baby, don't get too deep ~ above me, I might have to pull back. I obtained weed rolled, drink po'd if friend wanna carry out that. And also I it is in in and out the love, ... White human being with a black son. And an initial time i met ... 515-8772, bitch, contact me. Send Corrections.
TY DOLLA sign - kind Of Shit ns HateThat's my tiny bitch, I obtained her nails excellent 24 customs weave hair long. She only fucking me 'cause I'm nigga rich. Add to I back call the a bitch. Yet I really choose it, how...
NICKI MINAJ - lb The AlarmI'm a poor bitch, no muzzle, let's go. Music, provides me, high. Oh, oh, oh, come to fill my glass up a little more. We 'bout to get up, and also burn this floor. You know we...
BIRDMAN - pop Bottles No bitch we round harder, i am the ... To water it ~ above the models, Shut up bitch ... Fucking v my son, and also we operation up on her mansion, Chopper...
YELAWOLF - difficult White (Up In The Club)It's your young Lil Jon, gained my partner Yelawolf through me, What's up Yela ... Yet I acquired up in this bitch v a tank top, cuz ns spit for this reason very. ... Drink on me, for me not you.
HILLTOP HOODS - The Nosebleed SectionWrite rhymes to gain me through a break up, bitch! ... Gets live ~ above the division son, choose pace one, Lads ... Or take it a plane to Japan, and drink saki v mafia,
NEW BOYZ - FM$ (Freak my Shit)Ass anywhere me, drunk's the only means I'm supposed to be. Mine ex say I'm trippin', the money made me different. I said bitch you simply addicted, since of what the...
HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - Le DeuxDrink 'til us all black out. So fucking begin it ... Yes they call me incredible! You acquired your ... The bitch is off the hook. Stop it up ... To water a little out. For Michael...

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KID absent - Midnight Train come MemphisAnd the clock looked at me as with the evil one in disguise. I observed it in she eyes ... So, let's pour one more tall one and also chop a line from here to Texas ... Therefore fuck a bitch
KEVIN entrances - man come "John Gotti" track by KEVIN GATES: occasionally I call the bitch I'm with, "Shut up and also pass the weed" totally free my ... Brook offered to love me till one more nigga v a bigger inspect approached she ... Actavis drinking, I'm leaning and also pouring
INSANE CLOWN POSSE - The Neden GameHurry up bitch, I'm hungry, ns smell spaghetti. I'd pinch she loopy ... Your dad will more than likely start tripping and also get me pissed. I'd need to ... Ns pull a forty out and also pour part for your tiny brother ... Me quick. I'd order you a drink and stir it through my dick
LIL' WAYNE - God Bless AmerikaYea, i pour out my heart, have a drink. They say the ... Heard police was in search of me, I'ma hide by abroad. Shootin' stars in mine pocket, bitch sit on my rocket
Lil Wayne - Shutup Bitch
sloop down come 'Shutup Bitch Swallow' by Lil Wayne. Begin with ... To water it ~ above the models, shut increase ***** swallow. If you can't ... Wit my son and we run up in ya mansion
TGOD MAFIA - environment-friendly SuicideThis the form of shit the make yo bitch come crap the fam. Once you take it ... Simply a to buy a auto for mine son. Placed that shit in ... Old bitches cuttin' me off say i don't struggle they phone enough. If you ain't ... Pour part drink I'm never ever sober. I done rolled...
INSANE CLOWN POSSE - Is that You?I drink Faygo it's just a buck-ten. I'm a pour it on her tits as soon as we fucking. Reason I'm v ... I'm Violent J the the ICP, yo I obtained me a inspect let's cash it. If I can ... I'm the nigga that your bitch would die for ... Evil clowns gonna flow for ya son


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