If you use our dictionary tool, you deserve to generate a raft of indigenous that begin with "I".

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Here is a link to exactly how our dictionary works ----> utilizing the Dictionary.

When the dictionary is open, just go into the letter "i" and watch the screen If you include another letter, for example "is", "it" or say "ig" the perform will change and expand. It transforms each time you add one or an ext letters.

Write under the words girlfriend find. Frankly, that method you will obtain a most words without having actually to wait for reply after answer after answer from different members the our learning community.

Good luck v your search.

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updated NOV 6, 2014
posted by Moe

Type "i" into the thesaurus option you see at the optimal of the page and also you will see a list of "i" indigenous galore.

updated NOV 6, 2014
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invierno: winter

ingles: english

intelligente: intelligent

ignorante: ignorant

identico: identical

iglesia: church

igual: equal

indice: index

infeliz: unhappy

informe: report

informal: informal, unreliable

insistir: insist

inspirar: inspire

i"ll write-up somemore if you need them- just tell me how many and if you require verbs noun or adjectives


updated NOV 6, 2014
posted through bookworm

Hello Alicia and welcome to the wgc2010.org forum

You said/asked:

i require some native that begin with (i) in spanish

Here space two words the could assist you to gain a much better response from world in future please and also thank girlfriend Yes, I recognize that lock don"t start with the letter i , like: I require / i want, etc...lol however if you might show a tiny courtesy/respect come our members through asking concerns politely v a please and also thank you, it would go a long way to encourage human being to offer up their time and also make an initiative to assist you!

Now, come answer your question: here are a few words to start you off:

iniciar = come initiate, begin, commence

indicar = come indicate, to show,

influenciar = to influence

ingeniero = engineer

inmediatamente = immediately

I am certain that you might do some of your own research, too, in stimulate to uncover some much more words. Through the way, how numerous words execute you in reality need? lol

I hope this help


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bookworm you re welcome post much more for letter after i

updated NOV 6, 2014
posted by AmeenKA

Try the app translate it can help

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