From dressing increase a breakfast nook window to offering the three-season porch a exciting update, this stained glass panel draws the eye in any type of space. It attributes a Tiffany-style sunflower design complete with 60 pieces of hand-cut arts glass in bright orange and also red hues; cave it in prior of a sunny home window and clock the colors pertained to life! This charming accent measures 16'' H x 16'' W and also suspends from a 19.5'' lengthy chain.

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Overall: 16'' H x 16'' WOverall Product Weight: 3.1lb.

This distinctive fan-shaped sheet of ginkgo symbolizes resiliency and also longevity. This dashboard is design with more than 50 separation, personal, instance stained glass cut in striated, textured, and buttery color. Each panel comes through a decorative hanging chain for support and also strength so that you can conveniently install it and also enjoy it. This 17.5\"H vertical stained glass dashboard is perfect for your residence office, kitchen window, or dining room space.

Overall: 17.5'' H x 13'' WOverall Product Weight: 2.8lb.

Let the light shine! Stained glass art hangings present their true colors when back-lit with natural sunlight.

Overall: 20'' H x 14'' WOverall Product Weight: 2.65lb.

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Oriental is a beautiful horizontal hanging rectangle, stained glass home window panel featuring a mirrored image of pink lilies and also a blue background. This panel is made up of over 190 piece of hand-cut, stained art glass, expertly pieced and also soldered together, to develop each panel. Each layout of stained glass panels is developed using the really same technique developed in the at an early stage 1900s, making use of hand-cut stained art glass, each wrapped in well copper foil and soldered with each other at exceptionally high temperatures to form each distinct panels. This panel would certainly look great in the life room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom windows. The specific size to the nearest inch may vary, and also the exact color of each glass piece might vary as result of each item being handcrafted. The an initial image is with the light shining through, the 2nd image is v no light. Dry listed and recommended because that an indoor setup only. This panel comes through a 39.37\" hanging chain.

Overall: 15.75'' H x 33.7'' WOverall Product Weight: 7.28lb.