I never ever wanted mine blog to be an encyclopedia of symbols. Very first of all, i am not an expert and also encyclopedias space written through experts. But an ext importantly, i think talking about symbols must rather resemble telling stories, showing images, letting the signs shimmer and also glitter, like, well, stars. I have actually been struggling through tags, categories and also a general lack of neatness. However I have chose to discover an orientation mark, the one symbol the would overview my hike bark with the symbolic deep seas. The choice was no hard because the eight-point star is a symbol the strikes me in ~ the main point level. I shall try to delineate its feasible meanings in brief chapters, trying come be organized if just for once.

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I. The eight-pointed star the Ishtar

For the Sumerians the eight point star (the octagram) represented the goddess Inanna (Ishtar in Babylon). Eight year is also the size of a complete cycle that Venus in relationship to the sunlight with every her morning and evening star curves. Venus, the Lightbringer, is lot brighter than any kind of other earth visible in the sky. It does look favor a star. It has a vast reflecting ability, reflecting as lot as 70% of sunshine striking it. I was born at the time once Venus to be the evening star, a couple of weeks before it achieves maximum distance from the Sun. Symbolically, that is connected with the should “integrate large bodies of knowledge and also experience into essential theories and also systems the philosophy, science and religion.” (Michael R. Meyer). The night star feels ideal in the depth of the collective unconscious and also dealing v large, collective and also universal device of ideas. I could absolutely integrate this into my mission statement. Ishtar and Inanna were connected with the earth Venus and also the sacred Feminine. The surname Ishtar may have actually been acquired from the Sanskrit ush, an interpretation “fire,” but likewise east, dawn, creation and also fertility. All of this information comes from a exorbitant book, Conversations v the Planets by Anthony Aveni.


Star the Ishtar

The picture below, which I decided as mine blog image is linked to my natal chart, where Venus stays in the twelfth house. The image comes from the exceptionally mysterious Margate shell Grotto in Kent. Its walls space covered in mosaics produced of seashells. What I find unbelievable is the scientists have been unable to determine the age of this creation. Additionally its function is unknown, so we are just left v the haunting beauty, beauty of the meandering passageway and also the mysterious huge rectangular room. The twelfth residence in astrology is associated with Neptune and also his watery realm, the collective unconscious, mysticism, all things eternal, consisting of symbols and images. I attach with the photo of the eight-pointed star make of seashells because it unites the Venus archetype through her twelfth house placement.


The cave is also quite critical symbol for me. For Jung it signified the spirituality centre and also the security and the impregnability that the unconscious. They space wombs where archetypes room born, the most renowned being the one in Lascaux through Paleolithic pictures that room over 17,000 years old.



Photos of Margate covering Grotto

II. The Symbolism that Number Eight

In his dictionary of icons Cirlot writes that the octonary is a stage in between a square and a circle, i.e. Between the earthly airplane symbolized by the square and also the eternal order symbolized by the circle. This makes number eight symbolic that regeneration because regeneration can only take place through the vitalizing strength of symbols and also archetypes. Interestingly, in the Middle periods number eight symbolized the waters the baptism. Eight is additionally the lemniscate, the infinity symbol. Probably surprisingly, it is additionally associated v the caduceus, a wand v two serpents twined around it. That is a price of well balanced duality, “emphasizing the can be fried state the strength and also self-control (and consequently health) which have the right to be accomplished both top top the lower plane of the instincts (symbolized by the serpents) and also on the higher level the the spirit (symbolized through the wings).” (Cirlot)





In Kabbalah eight is linked to Hod, the eighth Sefira. That is keywords room splendor, thoughts, communication and also absolute intelligence. It to be striking to me to uncover out the the magical image connected with this sefira is Hermaphrodite, the boy of Hermes and Aphrodite, the god of communication and also the goddess the beauty. Also, that is a powerful alchemical prize of the integration of opposites. I have actually recently to be contacted through a leader of this blog, who kindly pointed out to me that we must distinguish between “Hermaphrodite” and also “Androgyn.” In Hermaphrodite, 2 entities are merged in duality when Androgyn is one entity in unity. I think the number eight resonated strongly with Hermaphrodite and the layout of duality. Also the image of number eight is suggestive that that.

The Hermaphrodite in alchemy

In numerology, my heart number is eight. In the good book, The Life You to be Born come Live: A overview to Finding your Life Purpose, Dan Millman associates number eight with abundance and also power. “Individuals working 8 as their life function are here to work with abundance, power, and also recognition, and to use their success in the service of the common good.” I believe number eight cannot have any kind of success unless he or she functions for the common good. “At the highest level, 8s feeling the innate abundance of life, that nature, the Spirit, and also feel relocated to share v others, whom they check out as family. Their feeling of power or control transforms to grateful and also loving surrender come a higher authority and greater power as shown up in the intricate intelligence and web that life together it unfolds.” These an effective words resonate deeply through me.

III. Conclusion

I could proceed my evaluation by concentrating on the trigrams the the I-Ching or the incredible significance the eight-point star carries in Islam. Additionally the Pagan Wheel of the Year has actually eight elements, celebrate the cyclic bespeak of the universe.

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Khatim, the eight-point star of Islam




The Pagan Wheel the the Year

In essence, number eight and also the eight-point star symbolize the eternal smart order that underlies the manifest reality. It shows harmony and interconnectedness lying at the heart of all creation, and it is a symbol of the wisdom that the cycles. It encompasses learning and also beauty and also hopefully will give me the strength and also power come share them v this neighborhood of readers.