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..and we got a really avalanche of new episodes coming our way!

Not sure what the thinking or reasonable is, however it looks like we’re as result of get the remainder that Season 2, in a constant roll-out over the next couple of weeks in February!

But we have actually so much time and so little to do…wait, win that, turning back it.

Anyways, top top the the segment for episode 15 the Season 2!


-Raid the Cave-

Following the occasions of the last episode titled Bon Bon the date of birth Clown, Star and also Marco set out to try and retrieve she family’s spellbook, and Glossaryck of Terms.

Thanks to Buff Frog, the two infiltrate Ludo’s hidden lair on Mewni, and also find a number of unexpected surprises.

This segment’s main focus is one the a variety of people have actually been waiting for for a lengthy time, though most likely not with the type of results we finished up getting.

Much like the Season 1 segment titled Matchmaker, Marco strongly recommends Star tell she parents about what has happened, but she appears to be under the impression the her parents will certainly be very upset through what she’ll call them. Star’s emotions and being secretive around some things, is just one of the tiny highlights the the piece, and also definitely renders her relatable in number of areas.

We additionally get some much more information regarding Star and also her wand usage. There is likewise a callback to some special magic of hair we witnessed fleetingly in the first episode the this season, leaving united state to wonder just how/why it might be triggered.

We are additionally introduced come a new sub-class of ‘monsters’ ~ above Mewni. While plenty of of us understand of the much more violent and warrior-type of creatures, we satisfy a group who dub themselves ‘alternative monsters.’ The show staff make the efforts to have a little fun through these ‘hipster’ monsters, but most that what they try for comedy about their lifestyle, just didn’t press my buttons.

Personally, i feel the the ‘alternative monsters’ might have a function to play additional on down the line. Plus, unlike most monsters who wish come fight Star, a few we satisfy here actually uncover her to it is in pretty cool.

Raid the Cave follows the continuing story about Ludo’s plans, yet doesn’t really give us anymore revelations about it. I think choose several various other people, I’m hoping we’ll gain a bit an ext focus top top what that plan is in upcoming episodes, before we gain to the large season finale.

By the way, there’s also a fun little gag referencing a step from Monty Python and also the divine Grail in this episode. If girlfriend watch, view if you can spot it.

Final Grade: B-

Best heat from segment (said through Star Butterfly): “I believed your babies were sending us fanart!”


Marco’s karate school Sensei is having actually a date of birth Party, and also he and also Star space invited! Sensei is super-excited when famed magician preston Change-O, shows up to carry out some magic tricks. However, together his conjuring continues, Star it s okay a sneaking skepticism that there’s more to the small man than he’s letting on.

We’ve seen Star being rather fascinated by ‘earth magic’ in some previous segment (like The Banagic Incident), yet this is the an initial time the she’s viewed magic perform by a magician.

Her farming suspicions about Preston, reminded me a lot of her reactions in the Season 1 segment, The various other Exchange Student. However, I will certainly admit the ton of Trickstar, actually had sufficient entertainment value to obtain me come laugh out loud a couple of times.

We had been told that Weird Al Yankovic would certainly be offering a voice for Season 2, and also it turned the end to be because that Preston. Unlike few of his an ext wilder-sounding voices, Al take away a more low-key technique to this character, utilizing a deeper ton that practically threw me off track.

Preston as a character, is also quite a ‘trickster’ in his very own right. We view he can be a bit manipulative, and also can play into others’ sympathies, which help the segment beat out right into a quirky twisted ending, that may not be because that everyone.

Seeing Sensei again make me a little bit apprehensive after ~ the critical time he was in a storyline, though here, he was played moreso for laughs in a means I can enjoy. We likewise have Jeremy Birnbaum show up because that the very first time because Season 1, and actually have actually a semi-funny cameo here. Seriously, this may be the an initial time many the us can feel a little…sympathy because that Jeremy (I know…scary stuff!).

Final Grade: B

Best heat from segment (said through Marco Diaz): “The allude of ‘earth magic’ is to, permit yourself to be entertained, by pretending that it’s real…just prefer love!”

Best honorable point out line from illustration (said by Sensei, in Trickstar): “What!? i knew i didn’t feel dismembered!”

After the hiatus, and coming off a very strong episode like Bon Bon the birthday Clown, i was glad the the return of Star vs the pressures of Evil did provide us a semi-decent return.

Raid the Cave felt a small ‘flat’ in it’s storytelling and also comedy, allow alone several of the revelations and also explorations that were made. However, it to be nice to see some young story-points come up, and Star taking more steps to try and it is in a bit more responsible going forward.

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Trickstar to me, to be the more entertaining of the two pieces. It’s far from a perfect segment, but I choose that it had a Star-centric storyline, whereby we acquire to see just how she reaction in unfamiliar situations, and also how she is regularly thinking about the wellness of others. Preston Change-o and his characterization did serve as a kind foil, offered that half the time, you aren’t sure whether he’s informing the truth, or lying to you.


Well, if the Wikipedia entries are to it is in believed, be ready for a full-on barrage of episode reviews end the next few weeks (we’ll watch if I deserve to stay sane city hall and evaluating so much!). The following episode will attribute segments whereby Star is checked out by she fairy godmother, and Marco has some troubles of his own, revolving roughly a pair that dimensional scissors. See you earlier here quickly for some analysis on the next episode!