Fortnite: Battle Royale developer Epic Gamings is ultimately tackling its trouble with data-miners and leaks, and also they’re seemingly doing it by leaking the wrong obstacles. For what might exceptionally well be the initially time, obstacles in Fortnite Seakid 5, Week 9 are considerably different from what was predicted earlier in the week. Perhaps the greatest surpincrease of all is “Visit different Stone Heads” for a complete of salso.

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Week 9 challenges were unlocked Friday morning at 9 a.m. after being delayed 24 hrs because of the big version 5.40 upday. For this particular challenge, players have to visit every single Stone Head on the island also, and also we’ve marked each of them on this map:


In simply around every situation, the Stone Heads are located on some elevated hill, platcreate, or hill. So they have to be straightforward to spot as soon as players skydive towards their approximate location.

Especially if players want to hit as many Stone Heads as they have the right to in a single enhance, it’s ideal to cross-referral the Stone Heads areas through the assorted Rift Portals. In every instance, players deserve to visit a Stone Head and then instantly hop through a Rift Portal surrounding to acquire a substantial distance increase towards the next one. Perhaps bereason these Stone Heads are disinserted in time and also area, the appearance of rift portals adjacent provides the majority of feeling.

In my attempt, I offered this strategy to hit 5 total Stone Heads prior to succumbing to the Storm. I checked out Lonely Lodge initially because the Battle Bus flew straight over, then I tried — and also failed — to use a rift portal to obtain north of Tomato Tvery own. From tright here, it was a stable arc south and a little little west to hit the Stone Heads close to Dusty Divot, Shifty Shafts, and Lucky Landing.


Visiting the Stone Heads is most fun if you attempt and gain as many type of as possible in a solitary match.Epic Games

These Stone Heads were last directly referenced in Week 6 through the “Search wbelow the Stone Heads are looking” Challenge, so they carry out seem cosmically linked in some means to the stvariety supernatural occasions that seem to be leading us all in the direction of Seaboy 6.

The original Challenge in this slot was “Dance Off with another player close to Loot Lake” yet that showed to be a red herring. Apologies to anyone that already did the hard work of tracking dvery own a dancing companion.

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Fortnite Seakid 5 is scheduled to end on or about September 24, 2018, so tright here isn’t a lot time left for players to finish these and also various other Challenges.

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