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Super Mario RPG Song refers to the theme song of the woodland Maze level from the RPG video clip game Super Mario RPG: Legend the the 7 Stars. A set of user-created lyrics to this song are repurposed because that parody.

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars was produced by Nintendo and also Square (now Square Enix) and released for the super Nintendo Entertainment system in 1996. The game increased the Mario franchise into similar gameplay to various other Square RPG"s such together Chrono Trigger and also Final Fantasy. The game became well-known because that its soundtrack, especially the woodland Maze, created by Yoko Shimomura.

On June 14th, 2004, Bryan Baker, much better known by his stage name DJ XBrav, uploaded to Newgrounds top top June 14th, 2004 a remix the the track under the name Geno"s Forest, influenced by Joe Redifer"s remixes utilizing ROBOvoice and also its own collection of lyrics.<7> together March 21th, 2015 the audio clip recieved over 40,000 views. In the same year, martin Hagwall, likewise known as "Marta", posted the lyrics and also the tune on his website.<6>

Super Mario-o R-P-GIt is the just one just for meWhen ns play the game I gain lost in a phase
Then I discover out I"m grounding in Geno"s maze(Repeat)

Gimme Frog Coins!Gimme ice cream Bombs!Gimme Frog Coins!Gimme Mushrooms!

Gimme watch Ya!Gimme Star Rod!Gimme Cookies!Gimme Lamb"s Lure!

I desire e-everything ns need,I must play this more and more,I need to obtain those damn frog coinsTo salary off all my credit cards!

There are countless secrets in the game!Many of i beg your pardon drive part peeps insane!Why we try to cheat in a really an excellent game?Just sounds choose crap and it renders you look at lame!

Exiting the woodland is super simple:All you carry out is monitor these path turnsFor the remainder of her gaming life…

Follow Geno"s path here…Follow Geno"s path here…Follow Geno"s route here…I"m a gaming god!


XBrav song influenced some parodies. One of the most famed ones is a fad called VIP先生 (Teacher VIP/VIP-sensei), that requires a looped video clip of a erotic-dancing robot from the 1927 Sci-Fi film Metropolis with Geno"s woodland as background music. First uploaded top top the Japanese video clip sharing website NicoNico on in march 6th, 2007 by user 抹茶ケーキ<2>, the video received end 600,000 views as of march 19th, 2015. This video inspired various other parodies ~ above NicoNico.<1> The same video clip was uploaded to YouTube through user xnynzn ~ above April 5th, 2007, receiving end 350,000 views together March 19th, 2015.

Rawest Forest

In 2007, Hagwall remixed his song into a semi-professional rap tune with extended lyrics and also called that "Rawest Forest". Newgrounds user and animator Kirbopher (also recognized for Brawl Taunts trilogy) created his very own animated music video clip for the remix and posted it on Newgrounds on June 8th, 2007, acquiring over 1,300,000 views together March 19th, 2015.<3>

On April 4th, 2014 Kirbopher uploaded the video to his official channel, getting over 150,000 see in the first year. However, a version v subtitles uploaded on may 31st, 2008 through the Youtube user MarkerIn the Sand received over 350,000 views as of march 19th, 2015.<5>

On July 9th, 2011, Kirbopher published another song version called "Waltz the the Forest", closer come Baker"s original.

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<4> The Newgrounds clip got over 600,000 views together of in march 19th, 2015, and the YouTube version, uploaded a job later, garnered end 2,500,000 views together of the very same date.