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Super Robot Taisen: original Generation 2 cheat For video game Boy Advance

Special phase Scenario knife at the very least 35 or an ext skill points before the finish of scenario 42 to accessibility the last stage that the game.

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Contributed by: XypherZX

Huckebein Mk.III R

Make sure Retzal contends least 35 kills by the end of phase 18. Make sure Leona, Bullet, Rio, Ryoto, Task and also Kushua have actually a an unified total the at the very least 185 levels by the finish of stage 33. Obtain the skill suggest on stage 30.

Contributed by: FullArmourEva00

Weapons and also Items Unlockable Unlockable before the end of chapter 33, both captain"s levels space over 33. allow Arado kill all the initially placed enemies in Chaper 16 within 4 turns, and also it"ll be easily accessible after the chapter. Don"t use Daigenguard to kill any kind of enemy in chapter 30. (But Gungrest type 3 can) permit Viletta kill all the enemies in thing 6 except Seolla, Yuuki, and also Carla. It"ll show up on Viletta"s MkII-R in thing 15 Bullet"s kill counts is an ext than 45 prior to the end of thing 14 and it"s accessible before the beginning of thing 17. loss all 3 bosses in chapter15. Keep in mind the Graterkin (upper position) must be beat last.
2nd heart of stole & 2nd Mark of Brave
Boost Hammer
G impact stick & brand-new Chaguramu Shooter
Gravition Launcher
Shishioh Blade
Soul of Steel, note of Brave, High-tech AI,2nd Shishioh Blade, second G impact

Contributed by: DDT213

Lamia"s secret Robots

For both the these, make certain Lamia move onto the square Echidna retract on during stage 10/13 (depending on which course you took) and also that she has actually a full of 55 kills prior to the end of stage 24. She will sign up with you with one of them on phase 28.

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Unlockable Unlockable Make sure Lamia has actually 2 (and just 2) fight encounters through Axel on phase 19. you only gain the Vysaga if you space playing on a new Game+. To obtain it, make sure Lamia has actually only 1 fight encounter through Axel on phase 19.
Ash Saver

Contributed by: FullArmourEva00

unlockables Unlockable Unlockable end up the Story mode win EX difficult mode when
Ex hard Mode
Special mode

Contributed by: Mykas0, Kuruni

mystery Robots Unlockable Unlockable Make certain Kai contends least 55 kills and also is level 33 before the end of phase 33. On stage 27, make sure Mai gets at the very least 5 kills with the Wild Wuerger L. On stage 19, make sure Arad destroys at least 4 Gespensts before moving him beside Zeora. Make certain he has at least 55 kills before stage 24.
Gespenst Mk.II S
Keeping the Wild Wuerger L
Wild Wuerger L

Contributed by: FullArmourEva00

Sound check Unlockable Unlockable after beating the game once, to mark "change BGM" when in the battle menu, and press down, up, left, right, l, r.
Sound Test

Contributed by: FullArmourEva00

Stealth soup (aka Stealth Boomerang)

There space 2 feasible Stealth Wings.

Unlockable Unlockable stay in Easy mode by acquiring very couple of skill points and when you obtain to scenario 16 Gilliam´s Gespenst will have actually it equipped. kill Carla in any type of of the an initial stages and when she joins you she"ll have it equipped on the Randgrith.
Stealth wing 1
Stealth wing 2

Contributed by: KoldofCaelin

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