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a barrier collection up through police to protect against traffic top top a street or roadway in bespeak to record a fugitive or check traffic etc

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Now an ext roadblocks space planned almost everywhere the city this summer - i beg your pardon police speak is coming to be a worse time because that drink-driving 보다 the timeless Christmas and brand-new Year period.

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Rwanda: setting the document straight; Amadou Deme (left), a Senegalese military officer who served in the knowledge team of the UN mission because that Rwanda from respectable 1993 to July 1994, feels he cannot save quiet when a great man who saved lives in Rwanda during the genocide, is shown as a villain in both a new book and also the film, Hotel Rwanda
At trial, Lidster moved to quash his arrest, saying that the roadblock in Lombard was unconstitutional.
About half way come Concord, Revere encountered an additional British roadblock. Riding front of Dawes and also Prescott, who had stopped at a home to awaken the people inside, Revere i found it two, then four, brother soldiers.
Hero ~ above horseback: modern cynics downplay Paul Revere"s accomplishments, but he deserves ample credit transaction for his renowned midnight ride and also his countless other contribute to the cause of liberty
Witnesses in the area stated that moments before the bombing, a automobile ran the roadblock outside the square whereby the Italian headquarters is located.
At the very same time, bulldozers began removing roadblocks near Ramallah to show its backing because that the roadway map come peace.
According come the ABI, the roadblock projects look like an aggressive response to the problem, yet catch much more social drinkers than trouble drinkers.
The guys from Kensington passed away after the stolen vehicle they to be in crashed into a tunnel police roadblock.
Without executive, management sponsorship, an company will likely face a significant roadblock: absence of devoted resources, business priority and focus.
Edmond, the can be fried Court, by a vote of 6-3, struck under a roadblock established by the Indianapolis police to alleviate the flow of narcotics in ~ the city.(1) The Court affirmed a seventh Circuit decision by Chief referee Richard Posner(2) and also resolved a split among the circuits and also the states.(3) In the process, the Court issued a quite narrow opinion that must not unduly dishearten those who think about roadblocks an efficient law enforcement tool.
This "last mile" roadblock slowed under transactions, when adding huge costs to sellers seeking to offer their goods online.
U.S. Hospitals mired in bureaucracy: 10 roadblocks to change. (Health care Organizational Structure)
Passengers have to alight through all your luggage for checks at every roadblock prior to being permitted to proceed.
A 39-year-old Angolan male nationwide was top top Thursday night arrested at a police mobile roadblock external Outjo because that allegedly possession and/or handle in drugs.
There to be no arrests made during roadblock operations in Pasir Gudang to avoid the remove of chemistry waste indigenous the area in small portions, claimed Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd.

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