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Last night, the masking Singer revealed a proviso that might confirm the identification of the Monster. Find out what it\"s all about, here.

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Last night\"s illustration of the masking Singer (Episode 8) was rapid paced and also intense as the last five performers sang because that a point out in next week\"s Finale. At the finish of the evening, both the Lion (Rumer Willis) and also the hare (Joey Fatone) waved goodbye to the crowd after being voted turn off the show. But the unmasking that these 2 singers wasn\"t the just revealing information found on last night\"s show. In ~ in the glitz and also glitter of illustration 8 put a far-reaching clue about the Monster, which may assist nail under his identity.


T-Pain, Jamie Foxx and also Cee-Lo eco-friendly are the internet\"s favourite guesses because that the Monster.FOXUp to this point, the internet has actually held onto a handful of favorite guesses for the Monster\"s identity — the most well-known being Jamie Foxx , T-Pain and also Cee-Lo Green. while we\"ve been leaning toward one performer in particular, there was just enough reasonable doubt to keep us native jumping fully onboard. A an essential clue from critical nights show, however, turned the end to be just the thing we essential to remove staying doubt.

As through every episode, a video clip clip was shown prior to the Monster\"s performance, providing insight to who he might be. The clues had some acquainted lines about \"the game\" transforming on him, gift vilified for \"sounding like a ringtone\" and also making the comeback that he\"s \"wanted for a decade.\" as well as replaying these old tracks, the Monster available a bit of personal information about himself that, when taken with other hints offered, gets rid of out all the competition. When asks come tell a truth around himself, the Monster replied,

\"I\"m a father, husband, son, brothers and more than anything, a person.\"

Well, best off the bat this reservation knocks the end competitorJamie Foxx. Despite Foxx has a pair of daughters, 2 sisters and obviously a mom and also dad, the actor and also singer has actually never to be married.

Next up is Cee-Lo Green. While eco-friendly does right the profile because that \"father, husband, son, brother\" he falls brief in some crucial ways. Throughout Episode 1, the Monster revealed his height is 5\"8\". Then throughout Episode 7, he revealed that his shoe dimension was a 12. While we couldn\"t uncover Cee-Lo\"s shoe size online, his elevation takes him out of the running as he stand 5\"6\", two inches shy the the Monster\"s height.

This the course pipeline us v T-Pain as our final contender. Does T-Pain have actually a wife? Check. Kids? Check. Siblings? Check. Parents? Obvi.

What around the shoes size? Though no officially confirmed, shining Idea style Inc.\"s Omar Bailey readily available some understanding to T-Pain\"s shoe size. Bailey told FootWear News that he\"d crafted T-Pain\"s shoes for the 2008 Grammy Awards. Despite Bailey couldn\"t remember specifically what T-Pain\"s size shoe was, he claimed he assumed it was in between a 10.5 and a 12.

While these ideas are nice compelling, numerous skeptics may want added proof of the Monster\"s identity. For us, these are the ideas that most allude to T-Pain together the Monster.


T-Pain is renowned for put on a top hat and yellow diamond grill.YouTubeTeddy\"s top Hat and also Grill - throughout the course of the season, plenty of of the Monster\"s video clip clues featured three very specific items — a teddy bear, height hat and yellow grille. T-Pain is known for his above yellow diamond grill and top cap combo. He\"s likewise frequently well-known by his alias \" Teddy Pain,\" a homage to other R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass.

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Auto-Tune, Mixtapes and also Comebacks - The Monster has made multiple referrals to auto-tuning in video clue clips and this week\"s clue around sounding favor a ringtone. Despite being a talented artist, T-Pain came to be infamous for utilizing auto-tune which pretty much eliminated his career. In 2009 (one te ago) the drama over his auto-tune use kicked turn off after Jay Z released a hit solitary called \"D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).\" The song aimed to draw a clear heat in the sand between \"real\" hip-hop and also the poppy soft stuff T-Pain was pushing. Every since his auto-tune debacle, T-Pain has released a number of mixtapes, aimed in ~ proving who the artist is inside.

Headsets and also Games - The Monster has actually made many references come \"the game\" and getting ago into the swing that things. In episode six, the singer offered a headset together a clue come his identification saying \"I make my ideal calls on this headset.\" T-Pain\"s love of video clip games is pretty commonly known and also in one interview with Rolling rock Magazine, the artist revealed the gaming dram a huge role his work. When asked if he gamings in the studio the singer replied,

\"Oh yeah. I have actually my laptop and also my gaming sessions in the studio. I usage it to write. A lot of of world don\"t understand; they simply feel like I\"m in the studio \"playing games.\" however it\"s kinda therapeutic. To be in the studio, have actually your mind cost-free and playing games, not thinking around the track that you\"re around to make. I\"ll call the producer, \"Play this beat while I\"m playing this game,\" and also I\"ll have actually a song in favor 10 minutes.\"

Who carry out you think is behind the Monster Mask? Share her thoughts in the comments below!