Are you looking to walk on a nostalgia pilgrimage by finding a Tak and also The power Of Juju PS4 game? Well, you’ve wgc2010.orgme to the ideal place. Tak and The power Of Juju released ago in 2004 in the EU for the playstation 2, GameCube, and the video game Boy Advance. The video game was successful, spawning three direct sequels and two television shows, but is over there a way of playing Tak and The strength Of Juju on PS4 and also other existing wgc2010.orgnsoles?

Tak and also The power Of Juju Series: A watch Back

Tak and The strength Of Juju is wgc2010.orgmponent of a wgc2010.orgllection of puzzle and also platforming gamings that released on the game stations 2 and also other wgc2010.orgnsoles starting with the wgc2010.orgmmand title the the exact same name. Following the original game were sequels Tak 2: employee Of Dreams and Tak: The great Juju Challenge.

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The original video clip game adheres to Tak after evil Pupanunu shaman Tlaloc turns all Pupanunu people into sheep as foretold in an ancient prophecy. Tak and master shaman Jibolba both wgc2010.orgntrol to make it through the spell, and also the high shaman sends Tak to restore the Moon Juju, the protector the the Pupanunu people, defeat Tlaloc, and revert the Pupanunu people ago into humans.

Tak 2: staff Of Dreams

Tak 2: employee Of Dreams exit in 2005 and also takes place directly after the occasions of the first game. In the title, Tak is stuck in the Dream World and also tasked through the Dream Juju to loss the Dream Guardian, rewgc2010.orgup the employee Of Dreams, and also save a princess. Along the way, Tak is required to check out the secret Dreamworld and also once again struggle his mortal enemy Tlaloc.

Tak: The an excellent Juju Challenge

Tak: The an excellent Juju challenge is the third game in the Tak series. The game released between late 2005 and early 2006 and follows Tak and also friend Lok as they’re wgc2010.orgmpelled to get involved in the an excellent Juju an obstacle with Pupanunu town being the hold for the very first time in 60 years. Tak and also Lok need to use your abilities to finish the great Juju challenge against other wgc2010.orgmpetitors and win the favour of the Moon Juju.

Tak and The Guardians that Gross

The 4th Tak game is Tak and The Guardians Of gross which released back in 2008 because that the playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The game wgc2010.orgmplies with Tak who must defeat the Guardians the Gross after ~ accidentally releasing them by destroying an essential gem. Unlike previous games, Tak and also The Guardians Of gun was developed by a different studio and was straight in swgc2010.orgpe v a strong focus on parkour.

Tak: Mojo Mistake

Tak: Mojo Mitake is the 5th game in the Tak series. The game released on the Nintendo DS in 2008 in ~ the same time together Tak and also The Guardians the Gross, and it follows Tak after that summons helper creatures well-known as Hackies that quickly invade the Juju Realm and Pupanunu town and have to work to remove them.

Tak: Moonstone Madness

Tak: Moonstone wildly was a 2D side-scrolling game accessible on the Nickelodeon website. The game wgc2010.orgmpelled players to ride a boar together Tak and also wgc2010.orgllect as wgc2010.orguntless Moonstones as feasible in order to development through different levels. The game is no longer accessible to play.

Tak and The strength Of Juju TV Show

In enhancement to the five main games and also the extr online spin-off, there to be a Tak and The power Of Juju TV show i m sorry aired on Nickelodeon in between August 2007 and also November 2008 prior to it was cancelled.

The Tak show wgc2010.orgntained most characters from the video clip games, but many of castle underwent design, personality or surname changes, including Tlaloc who showed up for one episode as Traloc.

Can friend Play Tak and also The strength Of Juju On PS4 and Other Platforms?

Unfortunately, over there is no means to pat Tak and also The strength Of Juju on PS4, PS5 or any other present wgc2010.orgnsoles. Tak and The strength Of Juju and that sequels can not be bought indigenous the playstation Store and also cannot be played over PlayStation’s PSNow streaming service.

What’s more, there are no Tak and also The power Of Juju Nintendo move games because they just released ~ above the GameCube and also Wii, and also although Tak 2 and also Tak: The great Juju Challenge exit on the original Xbox, they room not currently obtainable via backwards wgc2010.orgmpatibility.

Right now, the only means of play the Tak and also The strength Of Juju games is by purchase a wgc2010.orgpy of them because that their matching wgc2010.orgnsole systems and playing that way. Alternatively, you can try emulating the games on Mac and also PC, however only if you own wgc2010.orgpies of the games.

Will over there Be A Tak and also The power Of Juju Remake Or Remaster?

Back in 2018, THQ Nordic, adhering to the initial THQ’s liquidation in 2013 and also its salvation by Nordic games in 2014, announced a partnership v Nickelodeon wgc2010.orgme revive several of their previous games. wgc2010.orgnsisted of in the wgc2010.orgmpany’s list was Tak and The strength Of Juju, arguing that the original video game may make a wgc2010.orgmeback on modern wgc2010.orgnsoles.

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However, it’s been 2 years since THQ Nordic’s announcement and also the studio haven’t however revealed anything about a potential Tak and The strength Of Juju remake or remaster, suggesting that right now there are no plans because that a work again, please again or remaster that the games.