Director:Nicholas StollerStars:Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, bill HaderGenre:Comedy, Drama, RomanceRating:UnratedRuntime:458 minutes
Forgetting sarah Marshall is a 2008 American comedy film about a music composer that is devastated when his television star girlfriend of 5 years pipeline him because that someone else. To gain over his heartbreak, he takes a Hawaii vacation, only to discover his…more»

Sarah Marshall: (after she, Peter and Rachel have actually each had a lot of wine) So... Just so we"re clear, and also so that I have the right to kinda hone in top top your- your central thesis that the night, wade v all the bullshit- you"re telling me friend think you have the right to just f*** anyone, anywhere, anytime? That"s what you"re saying?

Aldous Snow: yes! That"s right, there it is! no so eloquently together you just put it, sweetheart, but- (spills his cranberry juice over the Tommy Bahama shirt sarah bought him, and also doesn"t notice) Ultimately, the is- (notices the spill and also laughs) Oh, no! no the shirt! (laughing) take it my eyes, however not the shirt! (Rachel and also Peter laugh, sarah looks disgusted as Aldous wipes turn off his hand on his mouth) Mmm, yeah, that"s pretty lot what ns believe, Sarah.

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Sarah Marshall: once you"re excellent making jokes, room you gonna gain a napkin?!

Aldous Snow: D"you understand what, i think I"ve enhanced it, actually! versus all odds- ns think i deserve a architecture award!

Sarah Marshall: (quietly and angrily) just please gain some seltzer water.

Aldous Snow: Um, garcon, could we get some- (Matthew rushes over and tries intensely to clean turn off Aldous" shirt, when Aldous tries to fend that off; Rachel laughs)

Matthew van Der Wyk: I witnessed it from farther away- Okay, simply lean back for a sec- permit me-

Aldous: No, it"s all right, it"s not there- You"re an extremely diligent, and also I evaluate it, but- let go of the glass now, you"re gonna need to walk away, bless you. (Matthew reluctantly backs off as a waitress brings dessert)

Peter Brenner: (in mock reaction come the dessert) oh me, five my- contact the doctor.

Rachel Jansen: Oh, good! (they both laugh; Rachel feeds Peter several of her dessert. Peter provides sounds of appreciation as buy it watches lock unhappily and drinks an additional glass the wine)

Peter Bretter: ns love Hawaii.

Rachel Jansen: (laughs) It"s good, huh?

Sarah Marshall: (subtly disdainful) Yeah, it"s nice, but I think- for choose a week, tops. Any more than that, and I understand I"d walk crazy, due to the fact that I think the Hawaii is- a place to escape- for world who can"t attend to the real world (snickers and also looks haughtily at Rachel, who glares at her)

Rachel Jansen: (pauses, swallows she dessert) Yeah- friend know, there"s so few personal shoppers and pet therapists- gosh, it"s such a hard life. (she feeds Peter another bite the dessert, climate grabs his face and kisses him. Ultimately Rachel traction away and smirks in ~ Sarah, who is glaring in ~ her) I favor living here.

Matthew van Der Wyk: Anyone need anymore vino?

Peter Bretter: ns think we"re good.

Matthew valve Der Wyk: (To Aldous Snow) I have a rapid question because that you, Mr. S. Ns was actually an interpretation to questioning you- what walk you precisely think of mine demo? And, did you acquire it? ns mean- go you acquire it?

Aldous Snow: Oh! No- ns was gonna listen to that, however then, um- ns just carried on living my life. (Matthew watch stunned)

Matthew van Der Wyk: So- not at all?-

Aldous Snow: No, ns didn"t- because, girlfriend know, I sort of, just- I acquired my instincts, and (clicks his tongue) castle weren"t good.

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Matthew valve Der Wyk: (pause, climate lowers his voice to an infuriated whisper) You recognize what, dude?! F*** you, okay?! You deserve to f*** yourself. Ns can"t yell ideal now, "cause I"ll gain fired- my boss will certainly hear me, and I won"t have the ability to pay turn off my college student loans (Aldous nods understandingly, looking fully bored) but you understand what? You"re an a**hole. Ns f***in" dislike you. Ns bought all your records- this totality f***in" time I"ve to be trying to acquire you to hang out with me- I"m gonna have civilization f*** v your food the remainder of your trip! you f***in" dick! (storms off)

Aldous Snow: (raising his glass in a mock-toasting gesture) I favor him, that was rather moving.