The moment I initially observed the Norse Mythology book I was instantly transported to my childhood – in the time of that time I was charmed by the Greek mythology. I remember having 2 books with brief stories – one book about the gods, the various other book about the heroes (for my Romanian readers: Legendele Olimpului de Alexandru Mitru). Fascinated by Hera (queen of the gods) and also Athena (goddess of wisdom), I was analysis and also re-reading their stories, imagining exactly how life would certainly look choose on Mount Olympus. Back to the Nordic gods now!

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Norse Mythology in a nutshell

The Norse Mythology is a arsenal of stories of Nordic gods, giants, elves and also other beings. According to the myths, all beings live in Nine Worlds that are focused roughly the tree Yggdrasil.

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For instance, gods live in Asgard, giants live in Jotunheim, and human beings live in Midgard. With so many kind of worlds and also forms of beings, you can just imagine there’s a lot happening in Yggdrasil