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Halloween 2020

This is not the saltwater tank event. Things are way too complicated. Flero. Anyway, because that the halloween event ensuing in the Abyss tank, check out this guide.

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New event Style

As numerous suspected, the Freshwater different coralite instance was provided as an excuse to make Candy worthless. The new event is in a totally brand-new style comparable to the Freshwater coralite. I’ll describe the tabs and also their features here.

Your liquid from prior events carries over, however is basically entirely worthless.There is no per-tap vitality so don’t waste your time tapping past collecting candy. The straightforward loop is collect candy, use candy to update the Witch’s Pot come get an ext Vitality, use Vitality come buy occasion fish, event fish rise the candy you get enabling you to eventually get more Vitality and also so on.


Complete the work to unlock “coral”, cosmetic vitality producing items (that perform not create enough vitality come be worth it, but they unlock fish so get them anyway). The Quest demands are in a section below.


Candy is currently only provided to update the Hermit Crab, i beg your pardon now attributes like the Coralite. Upgrading the crab with candy will certainly produce much more “Halloween Vitality” which is spent on Halloween fish.

Collect 50 liquid from balloon to do the hermit crab dance, favor before and also it still earns candy in return; a lot more now, therefore prior stocked up liquid is basically crap. It currently sleeps because that an hour after dancing, and can be reset by the town hall an ad.

There are additions to the crab that deserve to be unlocked via the quest and additionally upgraded in the very same tab as the Crab. They’re usually Coral.


All fish are in the very same tab, and only in the Halloween Coralite. They expense Halloween Vitality rather of Candy, and also prior occasion fish space mixed into the same substantial list (and former purchased old event fish do not count!). See below sections for prior occasion hidden fish unlocks.

Fish are separated by tank definition your old Halloween fish from the Abyss tank cannot be placed in the Halloween Tank. New fish from the Halloween Tank yet can be placed in the Abyss tank.

Fish price rise exponentially with each purchase, yet you have to buy many, plenty of fish for unlocks for this reason don’t worry around which to purchase.


This is whereby you update Trick or treat (the Crab dance skill), and also where two incredibly overpriced consumable boosters are. Don’t bother buying the ones through pearls.

Just upgrade Trick or Treat to level 10 as soon as possible, it will certainly be compelled to complete the event, and also you’ll obtain the gems back from achievements/quests in the occasion anyway.

Idle Vitality Is King

After 2 year of idle vitality not matteringat all, it’s actually finest to allow the complete 3 hours of idle vitality accumulate in this tank. Unlike previous tanks, it actually matters a lot, andCandy drops native tapping balloon is enhanced drastically for the first ~20 secs after claiming the idle vitality.

You can gain several Coral level from tapping the increased bubbles so examine every 3 hours and don’t beat too lot “actively” because idle is for this reason much more effective.

Halloween occasion Tank Stats

Start Date: OctoberEnd Date: November*End dates are approximately estimated; occasions last approximately a month. Occasion Tanks don’t totally close, however, you’ll simply need to watch an ad (30 15 minute access) or salary pearls (1-7 work access) to enter. No progression will be lost at the ‘end’ of the event.

New Fish: 15Total Fish: 73IAP Fish: 3 IAP fish total, 1 new.Total Cost: Not simple nor an especially relevant metric because that Tank events. Costs and income rise infinitely, over there is no much longer a cap on production.

General occasion Info

Events progressively rollout (every time, correct it sucks), for this reason don’t panic if you don’t gain it. Suppose it by the end of the week after it very first starts rojo out.

We never know when the events finish until less than a week prior to they do, they’re commonly at least 4 weeks long though.

Currencyfrom prior occasions will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, therefore feel free to conserve up.

See herefor exactly how to usage Nox Player to immediately collect event money on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to ruin your fingers.

Hidden Fish

Note that part lock conditions for non-hidden-fish room listed ~ above the lock icon rather than v the various other lock conditions, you need to satisfy all conditions and no popup will tell you when you unlock them because they are not hidden. Many fish havethree unlock problems this time and also will not unlock prior to all three are met.

I’ve split the fish unlocks out per year, since there’s too numerous to perform in one go and many football player may have them unlocked from prior years’ occasions anyway.

Regarding Tombstone unlocks, just take 5 photos of all 4 Tombstones and it need to count, climate just ignore the tombstone unlocks unless you’re sure it’s what you’re missing.

Halloween 2017 common FishMummy Mahi MahiOwn 33 occasion fish!Most human being that can’t unlock it overlook this requirement, it’s detailed under the lock ~ above the appropriate side the the fish list due to the fact that the devs don’t know how to architecture UINote that for non-hidden fish, nothing mr up saying you’ve unlocked itTake a photo of the #1 TombstoneThey’re not numbered, yet this is among the 2 in the frontYou will not gain a pop up confirming that worked, because this is no a surprise fish.Devil BoxfishIf you don’t get this one, you most likely forgot come tap top top the Witch’s Pot to focus the camera top top it. All camera unlocks require concentrating on the target.

The remainder of the 2017 and also 2016 Halloween Fish are noted ingame and also not hidden, ns just detailed this since everyone is tripped up by the 33 event fish unlock. Many fish have a need under the lock icon too

Halloween (2018) regular Fish

I’m just listing the new fish here, see below sections for the old halloween fish. There is a large fish list nearly totally unsorted since all the old fish to be shoved in here.

Pumpkin BlobfishOwn 3 Bone FishAll of these unlocks just count brand-new fish in the Halloween CoraliteReaper SeapigTake picture of devil BoxfishOwn Weeping Tree (unlock via Quest)Pumpkin NautilusLevel 500 Weeping TreeOwn 5 soccer FishVampire SeahorseTake photo of Ghost SeahorseOwn 5 NautilusThese sort of unlocks it seems to be ~ to need X amount ofany Halloween fish,insidethe Halloween Coralite mapPumpkin OctopusOwn Hungry CoffinOwn 5 SeahorseKnight OctopusOwn Hungry CoffinOwn 5 SeahorseReaper JellyfishTake photo of death SquidOwn 5 SquidFranken SunfishOwn Witch’s DenOwn 5 RayMummy SharkOwn Witch’s DenOwn 5 SunfishLamp NarwhalLevel 900 Witch’s DenShare a photo of Mummy SharkHalloween KrakenOwn 5 Halloween WhaleThat is, 5 fish referred to as Halloween Whale, not 5 species of whalesOwn 170 complete Halloween FishOwn 39 different kinds the Halloween Fish

Fall 2017 event Fish

For some reason the fall 2017 fish are exceptionally high level hidden unlocks. Many thanks to the Subreddit because that finding these. You will certainly probably obtain most that the actual halloween fish long before you can start unlocking these.

Star Sickle FishCollect candy from Whales 5 timesTake 5 pictures of the 4th tombstoneFall woodland fairy fishDubious laboratory level 1000Acquire 5 bone dolphinsAcquire 5 vampire manta raysFall forest football fishOwn 3 autumn Forest Fairy FishCollect candy from the Star Sickle Fish 5 timesFall woodland dumbo octopusLevel 3000 Hungry CoffinCollect liquid from a dolphin 20 timesCollect liquid from the loss Forest football Fish 5 timesLight jellyfishOwn 5 fall forest dumbo octopusCollect candy 150 time from jellyfishShare a picture of the Witch’s denStar strip marlinTake 10 images while activating Halloween Moon Night skillCosts 300 pearlsTo prevent wasting even an ext pearls, carry out the following unlocks at the exact same time:Take 30 photosTake 5 photos of the autumn Forest football FishCollect liquid 200 times from jellyfishRiddle Jack O’ Lantern level 4000Star turtleCollect candies indigenous turtles 300 timesTake 10 images while activating Spookies Parade skillAnother 300 pearl waste…To prevent wasting even more pearls, execute the following too while utilizing the skill:Take 5 picture of the autumn Forest Manta RayTake 5 picture of the Star stripe marlinTake 30 picturesDubious activities level 6000Star DolphinTake 30 pictures while activating Halloween Moon Night skillCollect candy 300x indigenous dolphinsOwn 5 star turtlesStar RayOwn 5 Star DolphinsCollect candy 300x indigenous rays.Fall woodland RayTrick or law level 20Collect candy 50 times from light jellyfishTake 5 photos of the loss Forest football Fish if activating Halloween Moon Night skillStar ocean sunfishAcquire 5 Star RaysTake 5 image of the Star stripe marlin if activating Spookies paradeCollect candy 100x from sunfishFall woodland narwhalCollect liquid 100x indigenous narwhalsAcquire 5 loss Forest Manta RaysAcquire 5 desk lamp NarwhalsStar whaleCollect candy 100x native whalesAcquire 5 Star SunfishTake 5 photos of Star Turtles if activating Halloween Moon Night skillFall forest whaleTake 5 photos of the autumn Forest Manta ray while activating Spookies ParadeAcquire 5 loss Forest NarwhalsCollect candy 100x indigenous sharks

Halloween 2018 covert Fish

Wizard FrogGet trick or law level 5 (upgrade v Gems in Magic Tab)This expenses a couple thousand gems, however you gain them ago by completing the searches so it’s not also badUse cheat or law 50 times (!!!)Yes, city hall ads come reset the ability countsTake 5 photos of “Tombstone #2”Just take it 5 pictures of every 4 tombstones you have to do the for other unlocks anyway, it does not matter which one is whichZombie PiranhaTap Jellyfish candy 50 timesTake 5 photos of the 3rd TombstoneAgain just take photos of all of themOwn 5 JellyfishVampire PenguinCollect candies from Wizard Frog 10 timesUse trick or law 200 timesTake 5 photos of Tombstone number 2 (right behind)Witchhouse football FishComplete Witch’s Castle pursuit (finish all various other quests)Own 56 Halloween fishMax the 1Snowy OwlComplete the Snowy Owl search below

Halloween Tank occasion Hidden Fish

Please keep in mind the 3 magic skills you get a 48 hour free trial for at the start, and then it will show up (for a day) over there is no complimentary trial. Don’t panic! The complimentary trials become available a job after they run out, so you don’t have to spend pearl for any kind of unlocks. Gems, however…

Bone ButterflyComplete A lost Snowy Owl questLevel 4200 Witch"s Den
Pot PufferOwn 5 Bone Butterflies
Slime Sea SlugLevel 21 trick or TreatOwn 209 Halloween Tank Fish
Knight football FishTap bubbles 150 times from any fish with "football" in the name in the Halloween tank (this might take means over 150, these are constantly buggy)Level 6850 Witch"s Den
Halloween Cookie CrabPlace 3 article Football Fish in the Saltwater Tank (Manage Fish button)As ALWAYS, these space super buggy. Shot again if it doesn"t work.Take a picture of Slime Sea Slug with the rose of Darkness magic active
Pumpkin SeahorseOwn 20 Halloween Tank SeahorsesOwn 238 Halloween Tank fish
Wizard CuttlefishLevel 8630 Witch"s DenOwn 5 Pumpkin Seahorses
Witch JellyfishTake a picture of wizard Cuttlefish with Halloween Moon Night magic activeOwn 30 Halloween Tank Jellyfish
Witch MarlinBuy Witches ForestPlace 5 Witch Jellyfish in Saltwater tankAs ALWAYS, shot again if the doesn"t work, buggy gameOwn 300 Halloween Tank Fish
Wizard OtterLevel 6930 Witch"s ForestUse trick or law 250 times totalActivate 3 Magic skills simultaneously
Bone Monk SealOwn 10 Bone DolphinsOwn 10 Bone WhalesPlace 5 Witch Marlins in the Saltwater tank
Witch SharkPlace 5 Witch Marlin in the Saltwater tankTry again if it doesn"t work, buggy garbage gameOwn 344 Halloween Tank Fish total
Mummy CrocodileLevel 30 cheat or treat (ouch!)Take a picture of Witch"s residence Footballfish with rose of Darkness onOwn 5 Bone Monk Seals
Witches forest WhaleLevel 3600 Wizard"s CastleTake a photo of Snowy Owl v Spookies Parade magic activeOwn 5 Mummy Crocodile
FenrirComplete every questsOwn 71 species of Halloween fish (all yet the paid ones and this)1 MaxPurchased with vitality
Halloween Tank Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish are provided in the Shop > gems tab, no the event tab. They’re not forced to unlock anyother content, ever.

Little Witch$10 IAPBought in Halloween mapBenefits the Halloween EventUgly Octopus Trio$10 IAPBought in Halloween mapBenefits the Halloween EventBaby Wolf
$10 IAPBought in Halloween TankDouble liquid earningsNot required for any kind of unlocks

Halloween event Quests

These quests offer rewards (including Candy, Vitality, and Gems) and unlock the next “coral” in the game. They’re required for fish unlocks and help you development in the event, so keep an eye ~ above them.

Everything in this occasion only counts what’s in the event tank, and also only jewel transfer in between tanks. Thanks to /u/farmerlesbian for creating these every out due to the fact that it was method too boring because that me to do.

Halloween 2018 Quests

Witch’s Pot Quest

Unlocks Weeping Tree

Create 1 Bone Fish.Create 1 Pumpkin BlobfishReach 1.000B that candyCreate 1 devil BoxfishRival Witch Quest

Unlocks Hungry Coffin

Reach level 660 the Witch’s PotUse cheat or Treat skill 3 timesThis is the crab skillYes, the town hall ads come reset counts for all these unlocksCreate 2 Vampire soccer FishOwn 15 type of fishProperty Manager Quest

Unlocks Riddle Jack O’ Lantern

Reach a total of 3600 levels on all occasion “coral”Reach 500.000I vitalityCreate 5 article OctopusOnly ones developed AFTER this unlock count, don’t create any beforeOwn 70 fish.Key to Witch’s Den Quest

Unlocks Dubious Laboratory

Reach 1.000N the CandyCreate 5 reaper JellyfishOnly ones developed AFTER this unlock count, don’t create any type of beforeReach a full of 13,000 levels in between all Witch’s Den itemsOwn 24 sort of fishIf you’re absent a fish, it’s more than likely the wizard Frog that’s beside unlock. It’s hidden, however can be unlocked at any time.Riddle the the Jack O’ Lantern Quest

Unlocks Witch’s Den.

Reach 10.000T vitalityCollect candy from the bubbles over fish’s heads 2500 timesReach Level 10 of trick or law (you purchase the levels of this ability in the “Magic” tab, with gems)Create 1 wizard FrogWitch’s lock Quest

Unlocks Witchhouse soccer Fish, yet you still have to buy one of each fish to purchase it

Own 135 fishReach a total of 35,000 levels in between all Witch’s Den itemsTake 1 photo of Halloween KrakenObtain 50 type of fishA shed Snowy Owl Quest

Unlocks the HedwigSnowy Owl fish

Own 15 sharksIncludes sharks produced prior come unlocking the questReach 500AN VitalityOwn 1 Star WhaleReach a full of 52,000 levels between all Witch’s Den items

Halloween occasion Tank Quests

If you played the Halloween Tank before, the quests from prior to will stay completed, but many of this unlock conditions for new quests will need to be done again even if you, say, currently created 5 Snowy Owls.

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A Magic PotionCreate 1 Bone Butterfly
Changes elevator designCreate 5 Snowy Owl
Take 1 photo of Pot Puffer
Reach 60,000 total building levels
TradingReach 5.000 BA vitality
Unlock Witch"s ForestOwn 3 article Footballfish
Own 62 types of Halloween event fish
Take 1 photo of Witch Jellyfish
Advice native the wizard OtterReach 500.000 BT Candy
Unlock Wizard"s CastleReach Level 25 cheat or Treat
Reach 120,000 total structure levels
Create 5 Witch Sharks
The Tree the the Witches woodland WhaleReach 10.000CG vitality
Required because that FenrirOwn 68 type of Halloween event fish
Create 1 Witches woodland Whale
150,000 total building levels
Dracula Girl QuestTake 1 photograph of Fenrir
Required for Dracula GirlReach 5 CJ Candy
Own 25 Halloween Tank Whales
Reach level 5,300 of Wizard"s Castle

Halloween Tank video clip Guides

2018 Guide

This one is a tiny outdated but all the fish and also event unlocks are correct. Several of the balancing I discuss has been redone.