Since the announcement of All 6’s and also 7’s, there has actually been much dispute over the true meaning of the phrase and also now title of technology N9ne’s new album. Because that a man that we typically associate through the number 9, Tech has been pushing All 6’s and also 7’s together something he felt indigenous within. In a UStream broadcast from number of months ago, technology briefly explained the definition behind the phrase.Tech defined that the expression originated from playing craps. As soon as someone is placing every one of their money on one bet, they would need to be at 6’s and also 7’s because of exactly how crazy it is. That further explained that it explained a state the confusion and also disarray, which is how he feel on the inside.

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While Tech’s explanation for the phrase seems to be the many common, over there are many different ways to look at All 6’s and also 7’s. The phrase originates native Old English terminalogy provided to describe those who were chaotic and confused. In fact, the expression is so common in English society that that turned increase in the Austin Powers: gold Member film. In short, the English usage it as a method to explain a lunatic. As it transforms out, tech was no the only rock star to connect the phrase with gambling. In 1972, The roll Stones released your single, “Tumbling Dice“, from their critically acclaimed album, Exile On main St. The blues infused “Tumbling Dice” tells the story of a disorderly gambler that can’t keep simply one woman:

“Always in a hurry, I never ever stop come worryDon’t see the time flashin’ byHoney, obtained no moneyI’m all sixes’ and sevens and nines”

A much more sinister look at the number 6 and 7, expose a darker next behind the phrase. In biblical numerology, the numbers are taken into consideration opposites as 6’s was standing for the domain that Hell, and also 7’s for the of Heaven. This describes someone being morally break-up over what come do, “His soul was all Sixes and also Sevens”. Maintaining in the numbers game, one an innovative Tech N9ne fan shared a numerical exploration over Facebook. When looking in ~ the periodic Table the Elements, he found that by including the atomic numbers for the elements K(Potassium), C(Carbon), and MO(Molybdenum), the sum would same 67. The mathematics looks something choose this:KCMO= 19(K)+6(C)+42(MO)= 67If that wasn’t eerie enough, just take a look in ~ what he was able to create from tech N9ne’s most famous numbers. Tech’s 6688846993, a signature the the Nnutthowze, turns out come be one more piece the the puzzle. When the numbers are all added up, they equal 67. Here’s a look in ~ the proof:6+6+8+8+8+4+6+9+9+3= 67 The numbers are all start to include up for Tech’s All 6’s and 7’s. If the cryptic interpretations are a authorize of anything, climate we recognize to expect the unexpected. The insanity that technology N9ne has adopted in his music is at an all time high. With technology N9ne feeling like he is in a state that disarray and also confusion, his fans join him ~ above the very same emotional ride.

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The pan are at this time voicing their separation feelings end Tech’s new mainsteram notoriety, leaving the entire world of strange Music in ~ All 6’s and also 7’s. The timing could not be any more perfect for tech N9ne’s best album to date.

Can you uncover anymore definitions behind every 6’s and 7’s? Share your take on it in the comment below!