Dr. Mazzei is a health and wellness Psychologist and also is competent in engaging teenagers in counseling. She is mindful that teenagers today face unique challenges involving social media, computers, cell phones, apps, video games, and also sports. Today’s modern technology presents details issues, in enhancement to the traditional conflicts and struggles that adolescents experience. Parental relationships, peer pressure, bullying and society have a tremendous impact on adolescents and can cause anxiety, depression, health and wellness problems, eat disorders, and also addiction.

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Dr. Mazzei understands the complex world that teens live in. She works with adolescents where they room at and incorporates therapies that job-related for them. In therapy, she intends to establish a therapeutic relationship, where your boy feels supported and encouraged to make important changes. She will involve parents/caregivers in treatment while respecting her teenager’s require for privacy and independence.


Depression and also other mood DisordersAnxiety Disorders, consisting of OCD, Panic, and PhobiasStress ManagementAddiction, consisting of Substance Abuse, Gambling, and also Excessive technology UseADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit and also Hyperactivity Disorder)Health-related Issues, consisting of Insomnia and Weight Loss
Body photo ConcernsSelf-Esteem IssuesFamily ConflictRelationship ConcernsGrief and LossAnger ManagementBullyingCareer Counseling

How perform I speak to my teenager around counseling?

The idea of talking to mental health expert who is unfamiliar can be intimidating for children. If her teenager is doubtful to connect in therapy, you deserve to reassure him/her the he/she will certainly be meeting v someone that is over there to assist him/her through difficult times without gift overly judgemental or demanding. For many teenagers, talking with an target person exterior their friends and family is comforting. What is said throughout sessions is confidential and is shared only once permission is offered or in certain emergency situations. Dr. Mazzei take away a collaborative technique to treatment, wherein your child is involved in their own healing and also development.

How perform I acquire my boy started in teenage therapy?

The ideal place to begin is through scheduling an appointment or speaking to our staff, who have the right to answer any questions about the process. Therapy sessions are conducted at ours counseling practice in Chandler, AZ or through our virtual exercise for virtual teenage counseling.

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Connect through us

Evolutions behavioral Health solutions is conveniently located at 3120 N. Arizona Ave. Suite 103, Chandler, AZ. Additionally, Dr. Mazzei provides convenient and also confidential digital teenage counseling. You can reach a member that our staff at (480) 448-6755.