The Ara legacy is an global shamanic Wiccan spiritual tradition dedicated to enduring the divinity the dwells within Nature and in ourselves. It is a spiritual route and a ar that is rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors and creating a brand-new relationship with our mom Earth and with one another. Our main spiritual and also ethical precept is that us live in a sacred world and also so we look for to live in a spiritual manner.

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ours mission together a tradition is dedicated to helping you experience, rejoice in and be guided by the immanent divinity.

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Our History

Founded through H.Ps. Phyllis Curott, the Ara Tradition started in new York City together the circle of Ara in the beforehand 1980’s. In ~ the very same time the she was training in the Minoan tradition to end up being a Wiccan Priestess, Phyllis was practicing core shamanism with the Brooklyn Group, the very first drumming circle based upon the work-related of Dr. Michael Harner. Uncomfortable v dogmatic and also patriarchal remnants within traditional Wiccan teachings, she started to deconstruct elements to distill a mechanism of main point principles and practices. Weaving core shamanic techniques into these necessary Wiccan practices, the Ara heritage was born. The holy place is a spiritual course that empowers its practitioners to directly experience the Sacred.

The publication of Phyllis’s books led come numerous methods to teach across the U.S. As well as in Canada, Europe and Australia. The temple of Ara was subsequently produced to formalize and also support the energetic and growing Ara communities throughout the globe. Legally well-known as religious organization, Ara is among the oldest and also longest running Wiccan congregations in the U.S. and one of the very first to return to Europe.

Focus top top Community

If you space interested in becoming more involved in the Ara Tradition, we encourage you to attend our online Full Moon rituals and also our solar Spell Rebellions. Become a member and also receive many exclusive benefits, consisting of discounts top top initiatory prep training as well as the opportunity to participate in Outer Grove and also our newly developed Councils. The Ara tradition is a welcoming neighborhood in which clergy, initiates, and members contribute to the Temple’s vitality and growth.

Spiritual Development

We likewise offer three initiatory cultivate intensive workshops because that those who want to discover our tradition’s practices and also to ritualize in a community of mutual values:

Additional accuse is listed by holy place Elders, Priestesses, Priests, and Initiates who conduct circles, public rituals, workshops, lectures and also online classes. Temple of Ara Elders are also accessible for spiritual coaching and energy healing. Accuse is also available in Phyllis’ books and through this website.

Religious liberty Advocacy

The temple of Ara has actually been active on the behalf of our more comprehensive Wiccan, Pagan and indigenous community due to the fact that its inception. Seeking to dispel the false and an unfavorable stereotypes attributed come Paganism for hundreds of years, Ara was among the an initial traditions come “go public” in the early on 80’s, welcoming the general public to plenty of of the celebratory rites i beg your pardon were often held in parks and progressive churches, and also it has actually been generally profiled in national and also international media. As attorneys, founder Phyllis Curott and Elder Kristen Rostedt have actually championed ours community’s spiritual rights, consisting of the legal rights of Wiccan priest to perform legally binding marriages, the Wiccan and also Pagan congregations to host rituals in public parks, that Wiccan and also Pagan students to wear the icons of their religion and also Wiccan and Pagan soldiers to be buried with the symbol of their confidence on your grave markers.

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Temple that Ara and also Interfaith

In it goals to eradicate religious bias, combine community and further the dialogue in between traditions and also religions, the Temple has supported Ara’s founder as she has taken on management positions in together inter-tradition establishments as the covenant of the Goddess. Phyllis also has taken on management in interfaith organizations including the prestigious parliament of the world Religions, the Harvard University spiritual Pluralism Project, the Interfaith Consortium for eco-friendly Civilization, the native institute the the Americas and Women of Faith and Spirit. And also the Ara Tradition has actually consistently opened brand-new theological and cosmological frontiers, seek to contribute to the thoughtful growth and maturity of this important spiritual movement.