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Civilization"s Leader: Pachacuti

Civ Bonus: Great Andean RoadUnits ignore terrain costs when moving into any tile with Hills. There are no maintenance costs for improvements in hills, meaning roads, and half cost elsewhere.

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Unique Unit: SlingerRequires Archery, Replaces Archer Has 4 Defensive Strength as opposed to 5, but may Withdraw Before Melee if there is room to escape and the enemy is not fast (horseback)

Unique Tile Improvement: Terrace FarmRequires ConstructionBuild farms of hills without fresh water. All other Civs can do this so long as the Hill is next to a River or Lake. What"s unique about this is that it also gives +1 Food for each adjacent Mountain tile.

Playing Against The Pachacuti AI - Their Tendencies (XML Info and Flavors)
WarmongerHatredWonderCompeteOffenseBuildDefenseBuildCityDefenseDoFFriendlyto CivsDenounceCivsWar w/CivsDeceptionLikelihoodCSCompCS War
Other InfoThis Civ is very middle of the road in most areas - they are as likely to be a friend as they are to be a deceptive enemy. They prefer ranged Units over other types, and are not likely to field a huge Military nor be a Warmonger. The only area in which they are likely to be competitive and grow angry is with Wonders - they have a high likelihood to use their extra Production to build them and grow angrier with each you beat them to. On higher difficulties, this will be a challenge if they are doing well scientifically, because the Civ is likely to build Tall and have well-developed Cities with high Production becausae of their Terrace Farm. When Warring with them, be aware of their movement bonuses in Hills - you are not safe using that terrain to prevent attacks. Only Rivers and Forest/Jungle without Hills can slow them down.
Start Bias: Hill
The Incan Terrace Farm allows for a Production-heavy yet growing Cityeven in areas with many Hills.

Strategies/Ideas for playing the Inca:The Inca are available as DLC on Steam and come bundled with the Spanish. Coincidentally, the Inca are highly reliable, while the Spanish are a gamble. This Civ features some simple bonuses that can be put to use in a variety of ways. They make excellent Wonderwhores thanks to their ability to acquire food from all hills, and the resulting high Production is also helpful in Warmongering. Key to this second playstyle is their excellent mobility on Hills. You will not have to use two moves with your ranged or melee to enter a Hill tile, even if it"s also got jungle/forest. This allows for a highly mobile military, while also aiding Workers in quickly improving tiles. Even when your Cities are focused on Food, they will perform well in Production with Terrace Farms nearby, as those Tiles will be worked by the AI Governor.

Because of their Unique Ability, you will eventually want Roads in all Hill tiles to allow your own units to quickly respond to threats. Paying 0 maintenance, this is a big perk of playing the Inca. Half-cost roads elsewhere makes road cost 0.5g/turn and railroad 1g/turn. City connections will be cheap and profitable because of this, so they are well-suited to wide play.

The Slinger itself is nothing special, and is actually bad for escorting your Settlers to new locations. It"s a pretty bad unit against Barbarians because of this, but its unique promotion to withdraw before melee will carry on when upgraded to Composite Bowmen. This can be helpful during an early War. Enemies will often fail to hit your ranged, resulting in a wasted move. This can help them to survive long enough to get the really good Ranged promotions, but also means they won"t be great at fortifying on a tile and protecting it. Regardless, the Slinger will be obsolete quickly because of how likely you are to push for Construction to unlock the Terrace Farm.

Terrace Farms are wonderful, especially in Cities around Mountains - but useful even without Mountain nearby. This means you may do well Scientifically for you have extra incentive to settle next to Mountains. Prioritize Terrace Farms in these tiles first, and your Cities will grow quickly while also having good production, even at a small size. Terrace Farms are improved upon researching Civil Service (+1 Food for Tiles with Farms and access to Fresh Water) and Fertilizer (for those without Fresh Water), just like regular Farms.

Citizens require Food to work, and getting high Production without stopping growth can be a challenge. Playing Inca, you will likely see excellent Production (depending where you settle) while maintaining growth. Putting Cities on Production focus and delivering food through Internal Trade Routes will keep them growing at an acceptable pace while your City constructs the many buildings you"ll unlock as you advance in Tech. Whether you go Liberty or Tradition with the Inca is all about Scouting. If there are a few wonderful areas to settle nearby, you will want Tradition to grow Tall Cities. Liberty will be good when you"re able to expand to multiple locations and make the most of the Terrace Farm to give those smaller Cities more Production, or if you intend to use their extra Production to Warmonger. Either route is good because of the simplicity and versatility of the Civ.

Overall, the Inca are a very flexible Civ that can be played a number of ways to great success. Their Unique Unit is not particularly special, but the Unique Ability and Terrace Farm synergize very well. Your mobile Military will perform admirably at protecting your lands, while also being capable of attacking Cities surrounded by Jungle and Forest, so long as there are Hills. Both these abilities are helpful for the entire game and simple to use. Because of this, I highly recommend the Inca to both players new to Civ 5 and veterans alike.

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