The process by i m sorry axons end up being coated with myelin, a fat substance the speeds the infection of nerve impuses indigenous neuron to neuron.

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corpus callosumA long, thick tape of nerve fibers that connects the left and right hemispheres that the brain and permits communication between them.
lateralizationLiterally, sidedness, referring to the specialization in particular functions by every side of the brain, with one side leading for every activity.
perseverationThe propensity to persevere in, or rod to, one assumed or activity for a long time.
amygdalaA tiny mind structure the registers emotions, an especially fear and anxiety.
hippocampusA mind structure that is a central processor that memory, especially memory for locations.
hypothalamusA brain area the responds to the amygdala and also the hippocampus to develop hormones that activate various other parts the the brain and body.
preoperational intelligencePiaget's term because that cognitive breakthrough between the ages of around 2 and also 6; it contains language and imagination (which indicate symbolic thought), but logical, operational reasoning is not yet possible.
centrationA characteristics of preoperational thought by which a young child focuses (centers) top top one idea, excluding all others.
egocentrismPiaget's term because that young children's tendency to think around the human being entirely from your own personal perspective.
focus on appearanceA characteristic of preoperational thought whereby a young child ignores all qualities that room not apparent.
static reasoningA characteristics of preoperational thought whereby a young kid thinks that nothing changes. Every little thing is currently has constantly been and constantly will be.
irreversibilityA characteristic of preoperational thought by which a young child thinks the nothing can be undone. A point cannot be restored to the way it was prior to a adjust occurred.
conservationThe principle that the amount of a substance stays the same.
animismThe belief that natural objects and also phenomena space alive.
apprentice in thinkingVygotsky's term for a human being whose cognition is stimulated and also directed by older and an ext skilled members of society.
zone that proximal developmeent (ZPD)Vygotsky's term for the skills--cognitive and physical--that a person have the right to exercise just with assistance, no yet independently.
scaffoldingTemporary assistance that is tailored come a learner's needs and abilities and aimed at helping the student master the next task in a offered learning process.
private speechThe interior dialogue the occurs when human being talk to us (either silently or out loud).
social mediationHuman interaction that expands and developments understanding, regularly through words that one human uses to define something come another.
theory-theoryThe idea that children attempt to describe everything they see and also hear.
theory that mindA person's concept of what other human being might be thinking.
fast-mappingThe speedy and also sometimes imprecise means in which children learn brand-new words by tentatively placing them in psychological categories follow to their perceived meaning.
overregularizationThe applications of rules of grammar even when exceptions occur, do the language seem more "regular" 보다 it in reality is.
balanced bilingualA person who is fluently in two languages, not favoring one end the other.
Reggio Emilia approachA renowned program the early-childhood education and learning that originated in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy; it motivates each child's creative thinking in a very closely designed setting.
Project Head StartThe most widespread early-childhood education and learning program in the unified States, started in 1965 and funded by the commonwealth government.
injury control/harm reductionPractices that are aimed at anticipating, controlling, and preventing attention activities; these techniques reflect the beliefs that crashes are not random and also that injuries have the right to be made much less harmful if ideal controls room in place.
primary preventionActions that change overall background problems to stop some unwanted occasion or circumstance, such as injury, diesease, or abuse.
secondary preventionActions that avert harm in a high-risk situation, together as avoiding a car before it access time a pedestrian or installing traffic lights in ~ dangerous intersections.
tertiary preventionActions, such as immediate and effective clinical treatment, that space taken after and also adverse event (such as illness, injury, or abuse) occurs and that space aimed at reducing the injury or staying clear of disability.
child maltreatmentIntentional harm to or avoidable endangerment of anyone under 18 years of age.
child abuseDeliberate action that is harmful to a child's physical, emotional, or sex-related well-being.
child neglectFailure to satisfy a child's straightforward physical, educational, or emotional needs.
substantiated maltreatmentHarm or endangerment that has been reported, investigated, and also verified.
permanency planningAn effort by child-welfare authorities to uncover a irreversible living case that will carry out stability and support because that a maltreated child.
foster careA legal, publicly supported mechanism in which a maltreated son is gotten rid of from the parents' custody and also entrusted to one more adult or family, i m sorry is reimbursed for prices incurred in conference the child's needs.

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kinship careA kind of foster care in i beg your pardon a family member of the maltreated child, usually a grandparent, i do not care the approved caregiver.