Summary: Lazlo S. Gasky is a brand-new Grade 2 college student in Brookhaven School. That looks different and also has an accent so the other second graders think the is weird and also tease him. After among the children gets to understand him better, things change for Lazlo.

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Questions and also Activities


Can you explain an experience in i beg your pardon you to be the brand brand-new person to join a group?What does it feel prefer to it is in the newest member that a group?The name of the young on the sheathe of the book is Lazlo. Take a near look at his face. What execute you think he is feeling?


Why perform the youngsters think Lazlo is “weird”? What does it average to it is in weird? Why do world who are different seem weird once you very first meet them?Why to be the youngsters “shooting looks,” cram items and tripping Lazlo?Review the pages where youngsters are teasing Lazlo. Deserve to you determine the bystanders portrayed on those pages? What is a bystander? What occurred when the other kids just watched Lazlo acquiring teased? The teasing increased.What resulted in Ellie come reach the end to Lazlo and also spend time through him? What taken place when Ellie stood up for Lazlo?What deserve to we execute to assist brand brand-new kids who sign up with our course or group?How execute we recognize what world are feeling by looking in ~ them? Why go Lazlo look down at his pair of shoes or in ~ the table? What emotion is expressed as soon as someone fidgets?When Miss. Kincaid’s voice is “shrill and tight” what feel is she expressing?What walk “sick in the head” mean? Why carry out the kids ask Ellie if she is ailing in the head?What emotion is Mrs.

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Gasky expressing once she has tears in she eyes?


Organize students in pairs and also distribute one Venn Diagram handout to each pair. Ask student to describe their similarities and also differences utilizing the Venn diagram based on the statements below:My favourite colour is___________I favor meeting brand-new peopleI do not choose meeting new peopleI like trying new activitiesI am sometimes nervous as soon as I try new activitiesI prefer being the brand new kidI carry out not favor being the brand brand-new kidInvite students or your parents to lug in a social symbol and tell the class about it.Invite student to bring in and also tell around their favourite country foods.
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