The priests of Asklepios
Speak No evil or support Missions

The monk to the west that the Epidauros Sanctuary is do the efforts to heal the sick that save coming from all over and needs an offering to tempt the gods.

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Objective: Find and bring back the sacred bull

The bull is located to the southwest of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, in the Asine ruins of mountain Koryphum. Make your way to the ruins and use Ikaros to find the bull ~ above the lower section of the ruins and then sign the many bandits and also locate every of the location objections.


The upper component of the ruins is easy guarded and also is regularly under attack from nearby lions. Get in the limited area and hide ~ above the tall grass or climb the pillars because that a vantage allude and then remove the bandits nearby. Work-related your method down come the lower ruins, where you"ll discover the dead bull in the facility of the camp, and also finish turn off the remainder the the bandits in the area.

Objective: collection the bull’s heart

Once the area is clear, method the bull and also loot that corpse because that the heart. You have the right to now finish the place by collecting the ancient Tablet in the damages to the northwest and releasing the 3 prisoners.

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Objective: carry the bull love to the priest

Make your way back to the priest in ~ the Sanctuary of Asklepios and also give him the negative news around the bull"s death. As a result of his unwilling sacrifice, the bull"s heart will only be enough sacrifice for one person"s prayers: the farmer, the well-off woman, or the child. The an option will not influence the result of the quest, so choose the one friend think is many worthy to finish the quest.

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