A) ide of excessive pride
B) city state
C) id of commitment to the main Government
D) quest of fact

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1). "Shape clay into a vessel; that is the space within that makes it useful thus benefit comes from what is there, usefulness indigenous what is no there". Which religion or belief system is most closely linked with this quote? A). Confucianism
B). Dacism
C). Legalism
D). Mercantilism
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2). Who pioneered Christain monasticism? A). Anthony the good
B). Pachomuis the good
C). Athanasuis the Alexandria
D). Basil the Caesarea
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3). Whose version is based mandate of Heaven? A). Half Gu
B). Li Hing
C). Qin Shi Huang
D). Sima Qian
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4). Who said that "Man is a politial animal"? A). Aristole
B). Knife
C). Lenin
D). Plato
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5). Complement the following List I  
List II
A. Hargreaves  1.Invented a maker which rate up spinning
B. Cromptopn  2. An unified the advantage of the earlier invented devices
C. Arkwright  3. Adopted the rate up spinning an equipment for running through water
Below the alternatives are provided in the A B C order
A). 1 2 3
B). 2 1 3
C). 2 3 1
D). 3 2 1
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6). I beg your pardon of the complying with was designed by China? A). Dragon
B). Water Clock
C). Umbrella
D). Every one of these
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7). Species the adhering to inventions in the field of cotton industry in chronological stimulate (starting with the earliest) 1. James Hargreaves"s turn Jenny2. John Kay"s Flying shuttle 3. Samuel Crompton"s Mule 4. Richard Arkwright"s Water structure A). 1, 3, 4, 2
B). 2, 1, 4, 3
C). 4, 1, 3, 2
D). 2, 4, 1, 3
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8). "The proletarians have nothing to lose however their chains...Workers of the world, unite!". This statement was made in an answer to problems resulting native the A). Protestant reformation
B). Respond to Reformation
C). Commercial revolution
D). Industrial Revolution
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9). One important an outcome of the French revolution was that A). France delighted in a prolonged period that peace and also prosperity
B). The church was revived to the former function and power in the French Government
C). Political strength shifted come the bourgeoisie
D). France lost its spirit of nationalism
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10). Which statement is a valid generalization about the instant results the the French change of 1789? A). The roman inn Catholic Church enhanced its power and wealth
B). The revolution achieved its score of establishing peace, democracy and justice for every
C). The transformation had tiny impact outside France
D). The French middle course gained more power
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