“Defeat the stole Lords Remnant” is an objective in the mission The Iron tomb in Destiny: increase of Iron


From over you, the Remnants of Felwinter will come crashing down. If you room still close to where you choose up the axe, you will be thrown backwards. The Remnants of Felwinter will emphasis on the the next Guardian and also leap in ~ them If they space close by, castle will use a basic slam strike that deserve to send a Guardian soaring without much difficulty.

Get close come the Remnants by making use of the Heavy attack from the battle Axe. This will conveniently break your shield and render lock vulnerable. Rush in and start attacking with a collection of light attacks. Each attack will bring some charge ago to the Axe. After that regains 10 or therefore power, usage the hefty attack. If the axe runs out of fire, over there is a nearby brazier that will recharge the axe end the duration of number of seconds. After ~ you have done heavy damages to the Remnants, Splicers will certainly down indigenous the ceiling above. This is likewise a great time to use the heavy strike for the area burst. Clean out any type of survivors after you defeat the Remnants and look ago to the facility of the chamber. Be sure to likewise approach the Brazier if you have actually not offered it yet to recharge her Axe. These will certainly reignite after ~ a set duration of time if the brazier is extinguished.

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Two much more Remnants of iron Lords will drop in the center of this chamber through a most Splicers. These space the Remnants the Jolder and also Remnants that Gheleon. It helps a many to take it them on one at a time. V all the Splicers, it deserve to be very challenging to manage this fight, particularly if one is playing this mission solo. The Remnants can push you about with your tendril arm. Lock can additionally shoot you in ~ a distance through their SIVA Gatling Gun.


Keep on the relocate as lot as feasible throughout this fight.

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That will boost your chances of survival. Also, it is in on the lookout for the Sniper Vandal the likes to acquire on the pillar close come the center of the room and start shooting you.


Defeat the stole Lords Remnants
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