After spending rather a few hours traversing the ruins of The last Guardian’s story, plenty of fans have found themselves baffled by the ending of the game. What go it all mean? walk Trico die? was the young crazy? will there be a sequel? In this short article we’ll tackle every your greatest questions, and even teach you just how to gain the true finishing of The last Guardian come make certain you aren’t absent anything.

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WARNING: spoiler ahead. Like… massive spoilers. If friend haven’t win The critical Guardian, or execute not wish for the game to be spoiled for you, please do not scroll previous the cute photo of Trico below.


Okay. Us warned you. If you’ve scrolled this far, then you’re ready to dive into the meat that the game’s ending and find out precisely what just happened. Let’s dive in.

After you beat the game, and destroy the understand of the Valley, Trico limps into the area and picks up the young in his mouth. As pieces of the blue tower start to crumble, the various other beasts falling from the air and also off the side, Trico set his sights because that the boys house village, and also then with a to run leap, jumps into the air. ~ a few moments the falling, Trico records the wind under his wings and managed to make it out of the valley, just barely. The duo has actually shared an impossible journey, but now it’s time to return the young to his rightful place amongst his people.

This is exactly how the video game ends, v Trico showing up in the town once more, less gracefully 보다 his first visit we could add, and also villagers crowding approximately him, spears in hand. The seems choose the end for our griffin-like companion, together he vomits increase the boy, and also watches as he is lugged away. The villagers don’t understand what’s walk on though, and to be honest, neither execute we, yet Trico isn’t for sure in the village, for this reason there’s nothing left to do but send that away. The is with a parting good-bye screech the Trico turns and also runs in the direction of the sheet of the village, flying off into the night sky, brand-new spears sticking from his earlier as he fades right into the night sky. What walk it all mean? walk Trico dice as he paris off, alone and also abandoned by his only friend?

How to obtain the True Ending

Well, before we answer the question… let’s make sure you’ve actually checked out the true finishing of the game. Friend see, once that scene plays out, and the video game fades to credits, that isn’t actually over simply yet. Instead, you’ll desire to either sit through or skip the credits. As soon as they are done, however, you’ll it is in greeted by a familiar scene. The mirror-shield that you provided to overview Trico’s tail lightning will be half buried in the dirt, together it remained in the opened moments of the game. A shadow falls over the item, and several youngsters gather around it, oohing and aahing. Someone higher moves into view, providing us our very first glimpse that the boy v the tattoos as a get an impression man, the guy who has actually been narrating The critical Guardian’s tale up until this point.

He reaches down, acquisition the mirror in his hands, and raises it right into the air. The magical strength within that is activated once more, and it bring away off, flying through the clouds, far from the village, and ago to the lair wherein the boy and Trico very first awakened. Other rumbles in the darkness, and also then eyes appear, the shining, mesmerized eye of the boy’s fateful companion. Together those eyes an additional pair appears, glowing dimmer together they look out at the camera. If you hear carefully, you can practically hear the sound that a lot smaller Trico, whimpering happy alongside the grunts that the two larger creatures. That appears, based on these sounds, the a new Trico has been born. This is how the video game ends, with the creatures having actually once more heard the call of the mirror.

It"s a beautiful finishing to the game, and it yes, really helps come tie with each other the concerns that could have ranged from the ‘first ending’. But, this new ending still leaves some concerns to it is in asked.

Asking the important Questions

What is the 2nd set of eye in Trico’s den? Is it his mate? Was that a baby Trico we heard? We believe this is the various other beast that Trico encounters off versus several time throughout the game’s story. There shows up to it is in some type of connection between these 2 Tricos, together all throughout the video game the second one appears to it is in upset v the original Trico. This very same creature seems to be the just other Trico to endure the devastation of the master of the Valley, together we actually check out it clinging come a tower, watching as the boy is brought away in the direction of his home. The two creatures connect for a moment, yet aside from that no other ideas are really provided to this relationship.

So, simply what does the finishing mean because that Trico and also the boy? Well, that’s no a concern we can answer. It’s miscellaneous we’ll need to keep wondering around until the game’s creator, Fumito Ueda, states differently. Whether we’ll see an official answer to this question remains to be seen. After ~ all, The critical Guardian just released at the time of this writing, so us could very well begin to see some developer-made comments about the finishing in the comes days or weeks.

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