You'll must unlock The last of Us component 2's brand-new Game Plus mode if you desire to see whatever the video game has to offer. Here's how.

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The last of Us part 2 has lastly arrived and also will allow players to proceed Ellie’s trip of survival. As you do your means through the game and reach the end of the story, you might be wondering if over there is a brand-new Game Plus setting in The critical of Us part 2. After ~ all, if girlfriend want every one of the collectibles or want to play the game again ~ above a various difficulty, this setting would certainly come in handy. Let’s take a look.

Does The last of Us part 2 have a brand-new Game add to Mode?

Yes, over there is a new Game Plus mode in The last of Us part 2 which deserve to be unlocked when players have actually beaten the main story campaign. Further, that will enable players come replay the game on any difficulty they desire with all of their do recipes, weapons, weapon modifications, skill tree progressions, and collectibles. The only record here is the players won’t get access to their weapons until they’ve reached Seattle, yet they will certainly have everything else at the beginning.

If you’re planning to 100% the game and collect all of the trophies, climate you’ll should take benefit of The last of Us component 2 new Game plus mode, together you’re likely going to miss some collectibles along the way. When the game does take around 25 hours to beat, girlfriend will have the ability to go earlier and play separation, personal, instance chapters after ~ you’ve win the key story if you’d like. So in between that in the new Game plus mode, you have to be in a good position.

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Further, if you’re planning to try and play through the game on the Survivor difficulty, the hardest in the game, then you’ll likely want to take benefit of The critical of Us part 2’s brand-new Game plus mode. Survivor an obstacle will disable flashing indicators, video game hints, and also most the your overall HUD. On optimal of that, enemies will deal extra damage and will have actually a much greater IQ, an interpretation they’ll be a many smarter. Oh, and resources will be harder come come by. For this reason yeah, it’s walk to it is in pretty tough to to win the game on Survivor an obstacle if you’re beginning from scratch.

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