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Black Lives matter protests, sparked through the deaths the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, ended up being a global movement in the late feather of 2020. Right here is photo captured that a protest in Amsterdam. (SOURCE: an innovative Commons)

On might 22, 1962, Civil rights Leader Malcom X spoke in former of a crowd of black Americans in Los Angeles. Malcolm X was a fiery and also passionate orator, and his words have become an ideas for a brand-new generation of social justice advocates and human legal rights workers (Yahoo!). On the fateful day, Malcolm X stated something that I think is an ext poignant now than ever before.

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The many disrespected human being in America is the black color woman.

 The most unprotected person in America is the black color woman.

The most neglected human in America is the black woman.”

Breonna Taylor to be a twenty-six-year-old EMT native Louisville, Kentucky. In march of 2020, three officers from the Louisville Police room botched a raid on she apartment. ~ Taylor’s boyfriend responded to the no-knock warrant v a defensive shot, the officers shot much more than thirty rounds right into the unit, killing Breonna Taylor if she was resting in she bed (The new Yorker). Protests damaged out across the nation over the spring and summer following the fatality of Breonna Taylor. The push from the nationwide protests did cause the adoption of Breonna’s law by the Louisville subway Council, outlawing the use of no-knock warrants (Stanford law School). For numerous protestors, this to be one action forward in achieve the species of reform that would help prevent senseless violence from occurring in police-citizen interactions. The protestors organized their breath throughout the nation as Kentucky’s attorney general Daniel Cameron delivered the verdict on a cool jury’s indictment that the three officers affiliated in the death of Breonna Taylor.

September 23, 2020: one Outpouring of Anger and also Grief

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, Attorney general Daniel Cameron yielded the decision the the cool jury. No indictments would be make specifically pertained to Breonna Taylor’s death. Officer Brett Hankison the the Louisville Police Department to be indicted for “wanton endangerment” because of his shooting his weapon without any clear target, bring about reckless damage to neighboring apartments in the complicated (New York Times). Just minutes ~ the indictment to be read, the news became the number one trend on Twitter. Protestors and activists grieved the justice was never served because that the death of a young clinical worker. Protests broke out throughout the country once again. Celebrities and politicians common their upset for how the instance was tackled by the grand jury and also the lawyer general. A viral image of a protest sign that review “A cop shoot a black color woman and also was just charged for the shots missed” was common by international pop star Rihanna, and also the article has garnered end 400,000 likes (Twitter).

Black ladies Deserve Dignity

As a small in college researching anthropology and political science, i was deep disturbed by the senseless deaths of black color Americans in ~ the hands of unnecessary police violence, and also spent a huge part of mine summer protesting with and researching the black Lives issue movement. In ~ the really core of the movement is one idea that i have uncovered to also be the core of person rights work and also advocacy – the ide of human dignity. Follow to The center of Bioethics and also Human Dignity, person dignity deserve to be identified as “the recognition that human beings possess a special value intrinsic to their humanity and also as such room worthy that respect simply because they are human beings” (CBHD). This ide has been extremely influential in shaping the person rights movement and also the method our existing political and justice systems work in theory. The concept of person dignity was used by enlightenment thinkers to quantify the idea that “inalienable rights”, an idea that was essential to the foundation of the unified States.

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All humans inherently worthy dignity. This is the basis for our legit systems, ours ideas around morality, and the way we conduct ourselves day to day. Because that the vibrant activist ar in the unified States, that clear the Breonna to be deprived of her dignity, and also is one of countless Black ladies who confront institutional violence day to day.

Even activists had trouble keeping the news the Breonna Taylor from turning into entertainment. According to Mashable, Breonna Taylor’s fatality had lot of its significance taken away together social media customers on Twitter “repeated the expression in wishes of spreading awareness and gaining visibility”, but ultimately “Taylor’s death became an insensitive meme” together “Arrest the cops who eliminated Breonna Taylor” turned into a method for contents creators to obtain relevance and attention, an in similar way to “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t death himself” was a buzz phrase previously in the year (Mashable). This form of faux-activism did nothing to lug Breonna Taylor justice, and instead reminded many black activists of the violence people of shade face in America ~ above a day to day basis. Twitter user