The variety of different types of chromosomes in a gamete is stood for by the letter ___.

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A carrot has a diploid variety of 18. What is its haploid number?9
Gametes are produced by the procedure of ___.meiosis,
Another word because that sex cabinet is ___.gamete
What space the 2 main varieties of gametes?sperm and egg
During which stage of meiosis carry out chromosomes form tetrads?prophase I
During which stage of meiosis do homologous chromosome pairs heat up in the middle of the cell?metaphase I
During which stage of meiosis carry out sister chromatids separate from every other?anaphase II
What happens in between meiosis I and meiosis II the reduces the number of chromosomes?DNA replication does not occur.
When go the DNA replication involved with meiosis occur?Interphase I only (remember, over there is no interphase II, and technically, interphase is not a phase of meiosis. It occurs prior to meiosis)
What is the diploid number of chromosomes in humans?46 (also created as 2n=46)
What is the haploid number because that humans?23 (also composed as n=23)
The sex cells of fruit flies have 4 chromosomes each. What is the diploid number of chromosomes for fruit flies?8 (remember the diploid number is constantly twice the haploid number)
_________ chromosomes are chromosomes that have actually the same species of genes, but are no identical.Homologous,
_________ are chromosomes that have the same types of genes, and are identical.Sister chromatids
A(n) _____ is a segment that DNA that has the instructions for making one protein.gene
A chromosome is do of ___ DNA molecule(s)one
When two homologous chromosome pairs are lined up right beside each other throughout meiosis, lock are described as a ___.tetrad
An organism's gametes have actually ___ the number of chromosomes as are discovered in the organism's human body cells.half
During which stage of meiosis could crossing end occur?prophase I
When homologous chromosomes space lined up alongside each other during meiosis, they can swap pieces of DNA. This phenomenon is referred to as ___.crossing over
Crossing over throughout meiosis is important since it rises ___.genetic variation (= the number of different chromosomes, and also therefore different combinations the traits, the offspring deserve to inherit)
Which diagram is mitosis and also which is meiosis?, Mitosis is ~ above the left and meiosis is on the right.,
When chromosomes room lined up favor this throughout meiosis, what are they referred to as?, A tetrad,
Which process from meiosis is shown below and during which stage would that occur?, The photo shows "crossing over" and it normally happens throughout prophase I.,
True or false: Meiosis is an example of sexual reproduction.

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False (Meiosis is something that requirements to occur prior to sexual reproduction deserve to occur, since you need sex cell in order for sexual reproduction come happen. Yet the manufacturing of gametes is not sex-related reproduction)
True or false: Interphase is part of meiosis.False (Interphase is something the occurs prior to meiosis)