Use to it is in a cool ar in the 90s , early on 2000s. Currently a bunch that apathetic, feeling privileged, white adolescents work here. If you not look like them they will not assist you. Lock will just follow you approximately with their eyes. I tell everyone ik to no go here very uncomfortable. Will never ever go back. What sort of non sense was that? I had a adequate amount of money to spend.

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The guy behind the respond to was an extremely rude.. Its prefer he was mad because we were in the store! and then the prices space OUTRAGEOUS!!!! twisted top on tallmadge is AWESOME!!!

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Not a large selection, however they have actually the basics and also a few fancy pieces. They likewise have tapestries, t shirts, and also containers.

Nice selection, no rushed. The Odd corner has always been my go to spot. Cashier dude (didn’t catch his name) to be helpful and also attentive. Will certainly be returning.

The customer business sucks. Castle act prefer it’s a chore to answer a inquiry . Forget about the greeting that the job or any kind of hint of general friendliness or kindness. I won’t be going ago and i’m sorry because that pulling them away from your phones. It will certainly be well worth the trip to another shop.

Have to be going for years; Love the place but I miss out on all the handmade things insence and also old hippy vibe ....

Worst experience ever before today. No my an initial time there, never had any type of problems however today to be the worst by far. To walk in come by a battery and also dude working states that castle are offered out. I knew what I wanted walking in. Called me they were out yet I could see the product ~ above the self. Dude kept insisting they to be out and also proceeded to tell me whereby I can go to find what ns needed. Dude looked small af. If you want me to take my money else whereby thats every you had to say... Didnt have to lie to my face. Never coming back. Emperors of Vapor you have actually all my service now $$$$

Under brand-new management, this place is way far better than they supplied to be. The manager, Sabrina, was wicked friendly and also super helpful. Got everything I needed and the prices to be wicked fair. Fine lit, organized and the music wasnt too loud or weird. Very recommend the you go here.

I have nothing but good things come say around the rest of the staff. Really helpful in recognize reasonable transaction on glass and also accessories, moderate but diverse selection.Why two stars:Five stars if no for one employee- he scalped a guy in prior of me for a decoding kit at nearly $100. As soon as I do the efforts to help the guy out by informing him around a much cheaper and faster product AFTER he made the purchase, the guy had the nerve to pull me aside and tell me that ns wasnt help him the end so i shouldnt be help his customers out. Seems favor a an essential misunderstanding of how business works. Usually happy client return and bring various other customers with them.

This is my the very least favorite shop. THEY speak THEY open at 11am. That 1152 and also the lights are all off and no one is here. So either open as soon as you say or readjust your hours. That is a good sign the they dont care around the customer. Go to ARSENIC and OLD LACE!!

Selection is limited, the amount lock ask for quick fix or artificial urine is ridiculous once the glass home is under 20 dollars after ~ tax.

The keep is great. However a guy who functions there called Steven plainly does not know anything about an individual hygiene. The actually rather disgusting. He was flossing his teeth while sitting at the counter; if customers were in the store. I’m not sure he showers. That smells awful. And also he additionally behaves extremely inappropriately as soon as it involves “significant others.” Someone requirements to have a word through him around his hygiene, or absence there of. Ns can’t get in the keep anymore since of it.

They not support neighborhood glass ... Many of over there glass is either import or that company glass ... If lock cant do 200 % profit. They room not interested.

Staff is hit or miss, but some space super friendly. The choice is constantly decent. I give the low ranking for their prices. This ar REALLY marks things up. I offered to go below in a pinch, but I would certainly not introduce making significant purchases here. Some of their glass is marked up at least three time its fair market price.

Great place since new mgmt took over. Got every little thing I need all in ~ one stop, an excellent prices, good customer service. Also gave me a deal as soon as I necessary to exchange something.

They always have decent prices, but moreover, great product. Many places around here sell junk, this location may cost a small more, but you recognize you are gaining quality.

The worst head shop in Akron. Customer business is well ..... What customer service is an ext like it. Go to twisted heads on Talladega ave. Method better

This ar is horrible!!!! lock lie about products no longer being sold. The pregnant girl is really un helpful and also rude and also racist.

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Went in to purchase a Roor water pipe. I had dubbed in previously in the day questioning if the Roor pipe they sold were 100% legit. The owner promised me that they were. Upon my arrival ns was greeted by the WORST Roor punch off ns have ever seen. I had with me an e-mail from Roor us describing exactly how to spot a fake. On the perform of 10 things, this pipe was 8 the end 0f 10 for being fake. The so referred to as manager said with me and also stated i dont recognize why anyone would spend that lot for a pipe. Ns am report them come roor asap. Stay Away!!!!!!!!

They means way end price your papers. Buy 5 packs on Amazon to the one load you gain at the corner. Employee is fifty percent super awesome n half totally rude trash.