Many years ago Ron Wyatt, an intrepid explorer, claimed to have found the genuine Mount Sinai, becoming one of countless men to have made this claim. Yet this was only among his countless claims. He additionally claimed to have uncovered Noah’s Ark, chariot wheel from the Red Sea, The Ark the the Covenant, the ruins of Sodom and also Gomorrah, and also even the hole right into which Jesus’ cross to be placed. While Wyatt has largely been exposed as a fraud, some human being continue to believe that that did find ideas leading come the place of the hill on i m sorry God offered His law to Moses.

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Enter 2 American adventurers. Numerous years earlier Bob Cornuke, a previous police officer and Larry Williams, a products trader, embarked on an adventure to find the real Mount Sinai. Borrowing from Wyatt’s data, and also moving front on 3 assumptions, they figured out that a most likely site because that the mountain was Midian – now a part of Saudi Arabia. Their presumptions were together follows. First, the the Sinai Peninsula was considered part of the “Land the Egypt” and hence can not have actually been the ar of Mt. Sinai, for the Bible plainly states the the Israelites walk “out that Egypt;” second, the Mt. Sinai is in the soil of Midian; third, the according to Galatians 4:25, Mt. Sinai is in Saudi Arabia (“Now Hagar is mountain Sinai in Arabia”), i m sorry assumes that the Arabia of our job is the very same as in Paul’s day. Countless scholars would certainly take issue with every of this assumptions.

With falsified documents Cornuke and also Williams gone into the Saudi Kingdom and also began their search. The search for the actual Mt. Sinai is a documentary ~ above DVD the details your search. It includes both original footage taped on your journey and also dramatic recreations. What castle found, if true, represents the biggest archaelogical discovery due to the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls. They claim to have found the fine at Marah; the twelve springs of Elim; the caves of Moses and also Jethro; the altar for the gold calf; the altar that Moses; the twelve pillars representing the twelve people of Israel; the blackened rock from when God come upon the mountain in fire; and also the split rock that Horeb from which water flowed. They case to have actually found practically irrefutible proof of the genuine Mount Sinai.

The explorers think that this is typical knowledge in that component of the world, for they discovered that the mountain they established as the probable Mt. Sinai is surrounding by a fence and heavily guarded through Saudi troops. Prefer something the end of a manuscript for Indiana Jones, lock crawled past this fence in the dead that night, finding their means with night vision goggles to protect against detection. Ultimately they scaled the mountain and found these impressive discoveries.

In short, this DVD gift a really convincing case that these men truly did uncover the genuine Mount Sinai. However as always, there are two political parties of the story. While the is straightforward to convince ignorant laypeople choose myself, experts have increased serious questions about the validities of this claims. And like many biblical issues, nobody deserve to be neutral together every person has actually something to lose and something come gain.

The DVD is fascinating and informative, though unfortunately there is far more recreated clip than initial photos and video. The production is very good throughout – about equal come the level of high quality we would suppose to view on The finding out Channel or Discovery.

As i wrote earlier in this review, if all that these men have uncovered is accurate, they have actually made a exploration of tremendous importance. Watching the DVD the is daunting to be swayed by their excitement and determination. Their adventure makes for a good story. Yet when truth sets in, it appears that there space many difficult questions that remain unanswered. If you space able come suspend her reason just a small bit, you’ll enjoy this presentation and also be swept away in the opportunity that you can be see the very sites explained in the Bible. However when the credits roll, you’ll be required to psychic that us walk by faith, no by sight. Whether or not this is the biblical website matters little to our faith. If we permit our faith to be shaped by together discoveries, we will certainly have small depth and will be conveniently swayed. The is “An evil and adulterous generation looks for for a sign.” yet we deserve to all enjoy a great story, also if it is just a little bit too great to be true.

Theology/AccuracyThe theology is strong enough. The archaelogy pipeline a tiny to be desired..
ExtrasThe extra features are sporadic – just a recap of their discoveries.
UniquenessUnique enough, ns suppose. And also fun too.
ImportanceIf true the is that utmost importance. If not, it’s simply a fun story.

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OverallPresuming these explorers are misguided, this is largely fiction. However it’s still fun to watch.
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