L> Midsomer murders - The knife of Guillaume - detailed Synopsis MIDSOMER killing THE knife OF GUILLAUME comprehensive SYNOPSIS barnaby decides to join Causton"s yearly trip to Brighton, suspicious around plans by Causton mayor Dave Hicks come buy up seaside land for vacation chalets. Also versus the proposal is Lady Matilda William, that owns most of Midsomer Parva. Rev Giles Shawcross asks vanabi to investigate threatening letters sent out to Lady Matilda, residential or commercial property developer Hugh Dalgleish, voluptuous hotelier Jenny Russell and also the vicar himself. Jones, meanwhile, receive a complain from antique dealers Trent and Lucy Terry, who case Dalgleish is protecting against their best to roam the countryside. Lady Matilda"s husband to be descended from sir Richard Guillaume, a Frenchman who eliminated many world during the Norman Conquest. She believes her son Richard is the victim the a revenge attack against his ancestor. Twenty years ago he was mugged and also is now mind damaged and cared because that by Marcia - but the Guillaume line will certainly end. Hicks is worried about Barnaby"s visibility on the trip and also phones the mayoress the Brighton, Christine Wakely. The detective is met through his cousin, DCI john Barnaby the Brighton CID, who tells that the land wanted by Hicks is at risk to flooding from the sea. The Terrys guide Christine"s elderly father Douglas to part with some historical swords, under the guise of an insurance money valuation. Some villagers walk to the funfair - yet when Dalgleish take away a ride on the ghost train that comes the end of the tunnel beheaded. back in Midsomer, police raid the Terrys" house and find the absent swords. Yet they space too dull to be the murder weapon and also Trent claims Hicks put them up to it. John Barnaby discovers Christine proposes to construct flood defences which would make Hicks" land rocket in value, while Dalgleish lent Hicks £100,000 come bribe councillors to agree. Jenny is add in she bed, and also Barnaby inquiries Giles about his connection with Richard. The confesses lock were lover whilst at Oxford and also met in Brighton whereby Giles coincidentally crippled Richard during a row. That believes God carried him to Midsomer come atone because that his sins. Hicks is arrested while vanabi tells Lady Matilda the truth about Giles.

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He realises there might be a connection in between the threaten letters, Dalgleish"s greedy desire for land and also Lady Matilda"s desperate longing to keep the Guillaume family members line. But who is all set to kill to safeguard Richard? ago TO main EPISODE page residence