We viewed some awesome new cards because that Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks in Shining Victories previously in the week. Yet those aren’t the just Blue-Eyes cards that Shining win has come offer! now we’re walk to examine out the remainder of the cards in Shining Victories that will land her Blue-Eyes Deck ~ above the vain map!

Dragon spirit of White is a new Level 8 monster in Shining Victories. It has actually 2500 ATK and also 2000 DEF. Even though the doesn’t have actually “Blue-Eyes” in that is name, it’s constantly treated together a “Blue-Eyes” card. That way cards prefer Sage with Eyes of Blue, which special Summon “Blue-Eyes” monsters, deserve to be provided to distinct Summon it.

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While Dragon soul of White is in her hand or Graveyard, the treated together a typical Monster. Nevertheless, it has an effect while that on the field. As soon as it’s common or distinct Summoned, you have the right to target 1 assignment or trap Card your adversary controls and also banish it. In addition, throughout either player’s turn, if your enemy controls a monster, you have the right to banish her Dragon heart of White native the ar to unique Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand.

Dragon spirit of White is the perfect monster to special Summon as soon as you’re feather to remove your opponent’s back rows. Plus, as soon as you need a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on her field, its effect lets you profession it in for the genuine deal.

One that the easiest means to one-of-a-kind Summon Dragon heart of White is v The White rock of Ancients – a new Level 1 Tuner in Shining Victories.

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If The White stone of Ancients is in your Graveyard during the end Phase the a turn that the was sent out there, you deserve to Special Summon 1 “Blue-Eyes” monster from your Deck. Unique Summoning Dragon heart of White is as basic as sending out The White stone of Ancients to your Graveyard!

The White stone of Ancients also has actually a 2nd effect. You deserve to banish the from your Graveyard to add a “Blue-Eyes” monster from her Graveyard to her hand. After making use of the impact of The White stone of Ancients to distinct Summon a Dragon soul of White from her Deck, banish the from your Graveyard to add a Blue-Eyes White Dragon – or one more Dragon soul of White – to her hand.

Dragon spirit of White and The White stone of Ancients, together with the other cards we’ve looked in ~ in Shining Victories, offer an incredible an increase to Blue-Eyes Decks. You can pilot her Blue-Eyes Deck to new heights ~ the release of Shining Victories!