i really not have any rare dragons (except possibly my chicken, if that counts). At best, most likely uncommons. Although, mine tactic is to just wait in ~ the mainpage, cursor end the third egg, and press F5 like a madman.

for now many of my rares came from trades and also the departure board

Humm...hoping to receive surprising presents That"d be yes, really lovely

Sit there, staring in ~ the cave, refreshing a lot looking for it, lock self v an egg that isn"t yes, really needed however "the summary looked cool"

I shot to mental the descriptions and then F5 and wait because that the description to display up. Sometimes I gain a rare, much more often I miss out on them.



I likewise trade them and also have been gifted a couple.


I caught a Cheese egg once there to be a lot of lag, ns guess most human being thought "too lot lag" and didn"t stroked nerves trying. Everything else I got by trading. Periodically it"s simpler to capture something i don"t want but know to it is in sought after in the trade thread.

During new releases human being tend come dump everything on their scrolls to do room for the brand-new eggs. Therefore if you want rares however don"t mind absent the first rush the the brand-new eggs the AP on a brand-new release work is a an excellent place to hunt.

i gift, trade, and click on things with lengthy discriptions autamtaclly. If that is a white egg i abandon

Luck and speed...

You are watching: This egg is so tiny you almost didn’t see it.

Not by walk "Hey look bro,see this nebula dragon,i want one of these"

i actually did this and missed the -.-

Look, click, pray.

i don"t, mine comp is just not approximately it. But thankfully there room some really kind gifters around. I"ve do the efforts F5, but just end up laughing in ~ my own optimism.

In enhancement to whatever that"s mentioned prior to (F5, float over third egg, memorize descriptions, etc), here"s my technique:


I regularly double-click the eggs ns want, since sometimes once I just click once, fast, the will have a small box about it as if ns clicked it but it won"t monitor the link. As soon as it has a loading bar, leaving it alone, don"t click again. Right-click and also open that in a new tab if friend want, but leave the one loading.


Sometimes F5 is fastest. Sometimes clicking the "Cave" link is fastest. Occasionally hitting Tab and then enter is fastest. I use a particular combination of these, usually, which I discover to be pretty reliable.


If there"s any type of egg that"s no super-common in the cave (like, a Red or something), that"s when I"ll pay distinct attention. As soon as it goes back to pinks, balloons, mints, etc, then it slowly down and people aren"t going to click the brand-new ones together much.




I"ve only gotten two rares in the AP: my yellow (which was happy - it was the just time I saw the AP the day, didn"t even refresh. And it wasn"t even a trade) and my an initial vamp.

But in the Cave, except the times ns clicked once and it didn"t load, or the times my scroll was locked, I"ve obtained just about every rare I"ve seen (which haven"t been many, honestly).

I obtained a chicken through scanning the main cave. The is simple to snatch the egg because there are about 84 or 94 human being there. For pymies, they space harder to catch on the main cave. Ns think world got puzzled with chicken and pymies.


Pymies space "This egg is so tiny you nearly didn"t see it".

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Chickens room "This egg is a third the dimension of the other eggs".


On the AP, that is too easy. Alongside the "You can"t discover the egg/hatchling in the exit page". This quote always annoys me. Ns can"t gain the egg and i need to search because that a brand-new one.